The Incredible Adventures of Gremha, Gavi, and Grace

In days long ago, there once lived a man of much knowledge and vast awareness.  He lived in the mountainous region southeast of the Tibetean Plateau of Southeast Asia.  He went by many names.  None knew of his actual name, but the people of the Yangtze river region had such high reverence and regard for him that they called him both the god peasant and the god farmer.


It has been told that he dedicated himself to farming and devoted his soul to being of humble and selfless service to those people in need of his skills and efforts.  For the sake of this story, we will call him Gremha.
He had once said that in order to sustain our mortal life in a healthy and balanced manner it was necessary to satisfy and please the Creator through humility, acceptance, and surrender.  In order to accomplish this, legend has it that he would speak to the fact that much time and work was needed to explore one’s inner being.  That in doing so, eventually there would occur a significant breakthrough and a discovery between the connection of a personalized soul and the Great Spirit which permeates and connects all that exists.  This could be accomplished only if one embarked upon a path of regulated efforts and disciplines.  In the weeks and months to follow, we will narrate Gremha’s incredible journeys through time and space encompassing the past, present, and future. These journeys will display Gremha’s internal growth played out in the developing relationships with a character by the name of Gavi and one of Grace.  Please enjoy these journeys as much as we will have in their narration.


Gremha, Gavi, & Grace – Chapter 13

Chapter 13 - Nature Honors a Great Spirit - Much of the afternoon was spent traveling toward the mountainous home of Gremha and Grandfather.  It had been the only home Gremha had ever known.  It was a home shared only with Grandfather.  For 14 years...

Gremha, Gavi, & Grace – Chapter 12

Chapter 12 - Cha is Born - With a now clear and intuitive realization, Grandfather wiped the remaining tears from his eyes, stood, and began to walk toward Cha grazing by the river’s edge.  Gremha followed as both men now appeared resolved in the direction of their...

Gremha, Gavi, & Grace – Chapter 11

Chapter 11 - The Village  The village bordered the northern exposure of the great river.  The market was set up throughout the main corridor of the village with buildings and huts of different sizes and conditions surrounding it on both sides.  This main corridor...

The Voice Within

"The more faithfully you listen to the voice within you, the better you will hear what is sounding outside." Dag Hammarskjold