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…..Once again, Gremha would go to sleep reviewing his life altering transition from childhood.  He also, started to appreciate the impact of silence in a way he had never experienced before.


A New Moon, A New Mission

The next morning Gremha awoke to find that Grandfather was already up and gone from his bed.  He saw that the fire in fireplace in their small hut was aflame with new wood.  There was the dinner pot hanging above the fire as always this morning.  The sun had yet to rise in the east.  It was so early the birds in the forest were still waiting to usher their announcement of this day’s morning sun.  Gremha found much peace in this early morning’s silence.  As Gremha arose from his bedding and walked out to find Grandfather, he thought of Gavi momentarily as she would soon be going to do her early morning work prior to sunrise.  There was a presence in the air this morning that reminded him of the morning he first met Gavi at the ocean shore many weeks ago.  This time however, the sky was empty of the evening’s moonlight, giving added life to the stars in the heavens.  These bright stars were alive and full of life this dark early morning.  Gremha could almost count each and every one of them as they mingled up above.  He missed though, the heavy salt smell and feel of the air so close to the ocean.  He longed for the sound of the pounding rhythmic ocean waves.

“Where could Grandfather be?” wondered Gremha. 

Just then he heard Grandfather coming through the opening they used to travel into the forest.  As he turned to see, Gremha caught a glimpse of Grandfather’s flaming torch as it radiated along the path to the hut.  Hanging from Grandfather’s shoulder, was his leather bag appearing full and heavy.  

“Good morning Gremha,” Grandfather uttered as their eyes met. 

“Morning,” Gremha responded. 

Grandfather continued, “I have readied us for the new beginning of your training mission as the new moon and the sun have prepared these forest vegetables in their abundance.  I have searched the forest this morning for properties to include in a new morning brew that we will incorporate into our morning breakfast routine.  It consists of several mushrooms I’ve collected as well as numerous roots and tree barks.  We will let them steep in the boiling river water over the morning fire.   This brew will prepare us for the meditation practice to begin prior to sunrise.  It will also tone our bodies in order to handle the damp environment bought about by the coming spring rains.” 

With that Gremha started his morning duties of feeding the farm animals penned down wind of the hut.  They had a horse named Cha and an ox named Tay.  Gremha had named them a few years earlier.  They used the horse and ox to carry supplies when traveling as they had done recently to the ocean shore.  They will use them in the fields this spring as well.  They also had several semi-wild dogs  The dogs were half wild and half domesticated.  They lived as they wanted, but whenever Grandfather and Gremha were home these dogs would instinctively submit to the care and feeding provided by Gremha.  They also acted as protection from the other confrontational wild animals of the forest.

When Gremha approached the pen that morning which housed the Cha and the Tay he noticed the rail fence containing Cha was broken down and the she was missing.  Gremha, startled by this observation, went running in search of Grandfather yelling, “Grandfather, Grandfather the fence is broken and Cha is nowhere to be found!”

In a calming and stoic response Grandfather replied, “Gremha, first calm down by slowing your breath.  Breathe from your nostrils in a deep yet slow manner.  Do this to the count of 5.”

While Gremha began to do as Grandfather had instructed, he could see Grandfather scan the moonless countryside in search of Cha.  When Gremha completed the instruction, both he and Grandfather walked to the fenced area to observe the destruction. 

As Grandfather calmly looked into the dwelling housing the ox, Gremha asked, “What will we do?  This is so bad!  We have so much to do today  with the planting!  The spring rains will be here soon!” 

Grandfather, without stopping his observation of the starlit countryside replied, “Just slow your breath.  The Great Sacred Spirit had an intention for our horse that we know not of.  We need to stay calm and continue with the plans of our morning.  The horse is governed instinctively by the Sacred Spirit.  We need to connect with Spirit in meditation to understand the messaging.”

Gremha had no idea what Grandfather was speaking of, but knew he needed to finish his chores and prepare for Grandfather’s instruction.  As Gremha continued on with his morning work, he would keep an eye on the opening to the forested area.

Upon completion of the morning chores, Gremha returned to the hut to find Grandfather sitting before the fire sipping the morning beverage he had prepared.  There was a cup setting on the floor next to one of Gremha’s thick animal hides.  Grandfather motioned to Gremha to sit and join him.  As Gremha took his seat, Granfather poured and filled Gremha’s cup.  He then dropped a small Tu seed in the cup.  Grandfather resumed sipping his beverage in silence.  The hut was filled with this soothing peaceful silence. The cracking of the morning fire vainly contested the silence as it was still too early for the morning birds to have awakened the sun.  As Gremha began to consume the hot steamy beverage in small controlled sips, he noticed a strikingly unique aroma.  The taste was also strangely changing with each and every sip.  One sip tasted remarkably sour.  The next was astonishingly bitter.  The next had a somewhat salty taste to it.  And then, out of nowhere, a sip would be surprisingly sweet.  This rotation of flavors would continue throughout as Gremha completed the full cup. 

Halfway through the cup however, Grandfather stated, “Gremha, after each sip and before taking another, place your tongue at the roof of your closed mouth, then completely empty your lungs through your nose and hold your breath for a count of 5.  Just prior to inhaling through your nose, picture Cha before your closed eyes.  As you slowly inhale, watch this image of Cha move slowly up the back of your spine until it reaches your internal mind’s eye located between your eyebrows.  Now, with your lungs full, and the image of Cha resting squarely in your minds eye, hold your breath for the count of 5.  Midway through your count, focus on all the wonderful love you have for Cha into the image.  While holding onto that love, exhale your breath down the front of your spine while also holding onto both the image of Cha and your love for her.  When completed with this first rotation, slowly and calmly take another sip of your beverage enjoying and savoring its lingering expression of aroma and flavor.  When this next sip is complete, begin this same rotation of breath with your loving imaging once more.”

This routine continued with Grandfather’s assistance throughout the completion of the cup.  Upon the last loving exhale of the expressed image of Cha, Gremha could hear the birds slowly awakening from their internal evening journey.

Grandfather then said, “While maintaining the tongue at the roof of your mouth, slowly let your breath begin to take over.  Surrender to your breath.  Submit to your potent and powerful breath.  Let your breath be as the ocean waves encountered when meditating with Gavi brushing along the shoreline in their ritual rhythmic dance.  Allow each and every breath contain the love in your heart for Cha slowly ebbing to and fro.  Let it have command of your very being while maintaining your focus on Cha in your mind’s eye drenched with your love for her.  Surrender to your breath.  Let it go and let the Sacred Spirit of all life take over and guide you.”

Quite some time had passed before Grandfather spoke again saying, “Until now you were praying to the universe for the love of your horse.  In this meditation you influenced the Sacred energy field in you and around you.  Through it you empowered your attraction to Cha.  As Cha is connected to this Sacred Spirit energy naturally she will feel your connection in time and follow it to its originating source.   With the presence of your prayer vibrating outward to the stars you must now sit and listen for its response.  It may come in this meditation, it may not.  The universe of the Great Spirit works on its schedule, not ours.  It is a law of the universe.  Our responsibility is to honor its direction and send it the love of our hearts empowered by the light of our vision.  That, this morning Gremha; you have done.”

After a few moments of personal reflection, the rays of the morning sun were beginning to pierce the cracks of the old wooden hut.  Both Gremha and Grandfather then began to hear the barking of their semi-domesticated dogs as these sounds broke the morning’s beautiful peaceful silence.

Something was amiss outside.  They both sprang to their feet.  When they opened the door of their hut and walked outside, they saw a wonderful sight.  Cha had returned, but she was not alone.  




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