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…..This was the first of many wondrous memories of my long and rewarding relationship with Gavi.  It was a relationship not confined to time or space, as she seemed to have full control of both.

A Word With Grandfather

That day Grandfather and I were scheduled to return home.  On my way back to our camp from the shore of the ocean I kept reviewing my experience with Gavi.  How amazing was this morning?!  I still could not believe what had happened.  I debated whether or not to tell Grandfather what had happened.  He would never believe me if I told him!

When I arrived at camp, I saw Grandfather slowly packing what was left of our tent.  He worked at a calm deliberate pace.  Something seemed to be making him hesitant in this process.  When he saw me there was an inquisitive expression on his face.

“Is everything alright Grandfather”, I asked.

He responded “How was your morning at the ocean shore?”

I didn’t recall telling Grandfather earlier that morning where I was to be going.  He seamed to know exactly where I had been.  I responded, “How did you know that I had gone to the ocean?”

“Gremha,” Grandfather responded.  “I have known since your birth that this day would come.  I know you were to meet Gavi when we began our journey from the mountains.  I have known about this meeting since that very morning you were born.”

I was shocked!  I just stood there bewildered and confused. This was a morning of great surprises.  Not only having met Gavi in the way that I did, but to have Grandfather know about this meeting for my entire life created many questions. 

“How could you have known about this meeting so far in advance Grandfather?” I blurted out with an inquisitive frustration.

Grandfather went back to work seemingly ignoring my question.  He appeared to be unpacking everything now though, as he had just been in the process of packing for our return to our mountainous home.  He then stopped and motioned for me to sit on the tree stump next to him.  He too took a seat on a large firewood log next to me.  I was not ready for what I was about to hear.

“As you know Gremha, your mother died upon your birth from severe hemorrhaging caused by childbirth.  The mid-wives did everything in their power to control and stop the bleeding.  This I have told you throughout our years together.  What you did not know is that as you were born in the dark of night with no moonlight.  I sat up throughout the night praying to God that He would spare your mother’s life as she was my cherished daughter.  As I was a great warrior throughout my younger years in the Emperor’s army, the Lord had always answered my prayers.  Your father, the Emperor, had chosen me as the General of his army because of this connection I had with the Spirit of the Lord.  He had seen and many times asked how I could prevail under such dire circumstances that we encountered in battle.  I would always inform him of the Lord’s will and guidance for I would always fight accordingly.  Well, Gremha, the night of your birth I attempted to circumvent His will as I loved your mother so very much and losing her would break my heart.  I could not allow that to happen!  I prayed for hours that you and she would be spared.  I could also not imagine taking care of you on my own after your father’s death in the purge and our exile to the mountains.  Throughout this evening of fervent praying I realized that the sun would soon be rising.  I next went to the brook upstream from your birthplace for a drink of water.  As I was resting on the bank of the stream I felt a hand touch mine.  To my surprise, I looked to my left to see the outline of what I could tell was a very beautiful women”. 

As her hand touched mine, she said, “I am Gavi.  I am sent to respond to your prayers.  I am instructed to tell you that your daughter must pass.  She will not suffer.  You must continue your faith in the Lord, however.  Your grandson has been a great warrior in his past life much the way you were in this life.  He has been chosen to embark on a new journey through this birth that can begin with only you as his teacher.  The love you have for your daughter must now be directed solely to him.  You will call him Gremha as it means “Compassionate Warrior”.  He too has been faithful to our Lord much the same way that you have been throughout your lifetime.  You, and only you, are to teach him of your history and the wisdom and love inside of you.  On the eve of the first full moon after his 13th birthday you will travel to the ocean shore so that I will meet with him alone.  Upon the completion of this first meeting he will return to you in order for the two of you to have this conversation.  You will then be instructed on what to do next.”

“With that, she disappeared”, Grandfather said.  Soon thereafter, your mother died.  It was the saddest moment of my life.  As I have always been faithful to the Lord and I was visited by what I perceived as His Angel, I did exactly as she had instructed.  Knowing that last night was the first full moon after your 13th birthday, I knew we were to travel to the ocean.  I was not sure you would meet Gavi as I have not had another meeting with her since the morning of your birth.  That is why I was packing for our return home.  When you did confirm that meeting, I knew that she was an Angel of the Lord.  I was pleased that you had this meeting and that I had followed her directive, but it brings back the memory of sadness that was so profound when I lost your mother.  She filled my heart with her joy and warmth for she too had a mother that had died at birth.  My love for her mother was just as profound as my love for her and now you.  Sometimes I have wondered if the immense suffering that I have endured in my life was in response to the many lives I had taken in battle.  Was my own personal suffering a direct reflection of the suffering I created for the families of the warriors I had killed.  I believe it was.  I am grateful though that you have met Gavi.”

Grandfather paused as tears were streaming down his face.  He just stared into the woods ahead.  I could only imagine how much he loved both his wife as well my mother and to have had them both taken from him.  I have never felt such sorrow.

Grandfather then continued, “While you were returning from the ocean, Gavi visited me once more.  She said she was pleased with how you have developed and that the Lord was pleased also.  She said that my task was almost done.  I begged her not to take you from me as I did not think I could stand to loose one which I love so dearly for a third time.  She responded by saying that I was to instruct you to come to the ocean shore the very next morning and then return home to the mountains.”

What Grandfather did not tell Gremha was that Gavi did promise not to take Gremha away, but that it was time for Grandfather’s time on this Earth to end.  He would soon cross over and once again share his love with his long departed wife and Gremha’s mother.  For this, Grandfather was content as he knew that Gremha was in the hands of the Lord. There was still sadness in the thought of leaving Gremha.  Grandfather’s burden of sadness was soon to end though as his grief had never dissipated.  It had always weighed heavily upon his heart.  




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