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…..Before Gremha could respond, he sensed the direction of his future was about to change.

An Earth Shattering Moment

“Your grandfather is a great loving man.’  Gavi stated in a loving but supportive tone.  ‘He is obedient to our Father in Heaven.  He has been a loyal loving companion to his nation, his Emperor, his wife, and both you and your mother.  In the near future he will be returning to his place in Heaven as it is soon to be time for him to reunite with your grandmother, your mother, and his Father.  His time raising you is soon to be completed.  I can not tell you of the time for his passing, but you must prepare yourself for it emotionally and mentally.  I discussed this with your grandfather yesterday morning upon completion of our meeting and meditation.”

Tears began forming in Gremha’s eyes as the pain of excruciating sorrow was welling in his gut.  Gremha had never experienced death first hand. 

“This must be what Grandfather feels daily when he speaks of loosing my mother and his wife.” Gremha thought to himself.

Gavi then said, “The role of your loving teacher will then be left to me.  Our relationship began long ago in many previous lifetimes.  You do not remember though as with each rebirth mankind losses memory of previous history from lives lived upon earth.  The meditation you are learning will help you remember.  It will act as a conduit for you in that it will allow you to intuitively communicate with heaven and earth.  It will allow you to continue to communicate with your grandfather even after he passes from this earth.  As you perfect your meditation practice you will learn much of the what the soul is capable of while in human form.

Gavi continued after a brief pause,  “The reason your mother was taken from you at birth was because only your grandfather could have prepared you for this next step in your earthy journey.  His responsibilities will soon be completed and he will be happily reunited with those souls that he has lost.  He will also continue to be close to you as you develop your skills through meditation.  Just remember this Gremha; the love we carry in our hearts has no boundaries.  It is the most powerful energy in the universe.  It crosses all divides.  It never waivers.  It never falters.  It carries on through time; past, present, and future.”

“God is love Gremha and love is God.  He shares this love with us no matter where we are in time or place.  It is the full reflection of who we are as God’s children.” said Gavi. 

Gremha was in awe at what he was hearing.  And as Gavi continued Gremha stayed focused on her every breath and word.

Gavi explained, “Mankind loses sight of his capacity to love through the workings of the mind.  He loses sight of the beauty contained within the heart through fear, doubt, ego, and anger.  He then tries to replace this lost love with the desires of and for this world.  In his lack of understanding he replaces the loving contents of the heart with the memory of what he thinks love was.  Briefly and momentarily throughout life, he is often reminded of it only to lose it again.  He so desperately tries to rekindle lost love that he becomes farther and farther removed from it.  It is through this lack and limitation in understanding that he inadvertently creates karmic issues.  Karma acts as stumbling blocks set upon our path in order to redirect our destiny.  These karmic lessens further act as barriers that confuse the mind and separates mankind from what is so naturally given.  Objectively however, overcoming these karmic issues offers wisdom along the path.”   

Gavi continued, “So, don’t be stressed Gremha.  Your grandfather will always be with you.  That is the beauty of the world of Heaven.  You must understand that whenever you call up a memory of him, he is there.  Whenever you feel love for him, he is there.   He will not be limited by the barriers which restrict you.  Time does not hold him or you for that matter.  The affairs of the heart are not restricted.  Loves crosses all divides.” 

“Your future holds incredible journeys when you embrace this understanding Gremha.  These journeys will carry you through time and space discovering all there is to discover.  All you have to do is calm the mind and open the heart Gremha.  It is only through this method that you will be able to know God and His many wonders that encompass past, present, and future.  You will know love like few humans have ever known before.  You will come to understand the divine origins of the loving Spirit.  Along the way you will learn of prayer and its power when expressed after one opens the heart.  You will discover an amazing endless love called Grace.  You will learn that when your prayer is filled with the Grace of Spirit, you empower the energies of Heaven to change the world.  This is your path Gremha,” said Gavi.

Once again Gremha was shocked at what he was hearing in much the same way he had been the previous morning.  He now felt the rise of the morning sun warmly brush against his face.  He also felt a unique combination of both the agony of intense sorrow and an immeasurable loving joy.  This bewildering feeling lingered.  It seemed to be expressing the thought that everything was going to workout as it was suppose to be.  It gave Gremha the curious feeling of a comforting calmness.

He then opened his eyes knowing that Gavi would be gone as the commanding morning sun had taken her away.

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