Chapter 1

The Day I Met Gavi

I discovered Gavi by accident, or so I thought.  Grandfather and I had visited the villages along the shore of the Great Ocean soon after my 13th birthday.  Early one morning before the sun had risen, I decided to take a walk along the sandy beach and watch the morning sunrise.  That is where I met Gavi for the first time.  She was an extremely beautiful woman.  This first encounter of her on the beach of the ocean is one that has been deeply etched in my memory throughout my entire life.  I remember it vividly as it was close to the dawn of a cloudless morning owned by a brilliant full moon.  As Grandfather would tell me, I was born under a new moon.  I would later come to understand its significance after meeting Gavi under the auspices of a full moon.


On this particular morning, the moon cast its gaze upon the ocean waves as if it possessed them with its crystal, shimmering reflection.  The gentle rhythmic waves teasing the sand filled shore still echo in my mind. The powerful moon’s rays intensified the ocean’s waves as they reflected with each shimmering crest.  These memories of this morning at the beach were of no comparison to the attention demanded when my young eyes discovered Gavi for the first time.  The brilliant moon lost ownership of this sublime morning when Gavi came into my vision.  My full attention was arrested by her magnetic brilliance.  She was as breathtaking as an awakening morning sunrise after a strong spring rain.  My initial observation of her was as she was sitting in the sand in what appeared to be a calm, meditative pose while facing the vast ocean’s expanse.  Her eyes were closed containing a calm dignified serenity.  This illustrious beauty appeared to be older than me, but her beauty was so rare and her aura so transcendent that she appeared timeless.  The feeling of the cool dampness of the sand upon the soles of my feet failed to distract my attention from this inspiring and heavenly presence as I approached in her direction.  The sound of the morning gulls flying overhead announced my approach as this breathtaking soul opened her eyes.  She did not alter her facial direction however, as she continued to face the mysterious wonders held far out to sea. I could see the setting moon beams reflecting off the velvety depth of her lovely thick long hair.  As the moon seemed to be running from the approaching coming of morning’s dawn, its brilliant rays were glistening off of what I could see of Gavi’s translucent, amber skin.  It appeared she was barely breathing.  I felt a magic in the air. 

So that I did not disturb her any further, I abruptly stopped my approach and took a seat about 20 feet from the spot she was sitting.

I sat, but to my surprise, heard a soft, yet commanding voice say, “Please sit closer Gremha.”



Chapter 2

Gavi, Tea, and Meditation

I was not only pleased that she requested my presence, but shocked that she knew my name.  As I again approached this lovely yet puzzling creature, I asked the question, “How do you know my name?”  What happened next was the most amazing and shocking thing I had ever heard.

“My name is Gavi, she said.  Please sit near me.”  As I took a seat close to her, she continued, “I am called by many names but for those I love, I go by Gavi.  It means “God is my strength.”

If I could have seen my face, I am sure my jaw was close to touching the sand.  ….” those I love?”, I silently repeated to myself. 

My bewildered stare could have lasted for days until Gavi broke the tingling silence by saying the following, “I am here so that you may continue your path of awakening.  Upon your last last journey to Earth we abruptly concluded.  You do not recall it though, as mortals do not retain memories of previous lifetimes, but I am here to change that mortal limitation for you.  Your efforts in this last incarnation have earned this path should you so choose to follow it, for all souls have free will.  Yes, you are young as you are only 13 years of age in physical form, but your soul has traveled through many lifetimes.  I am here to solidify and remind you of that which you have already suspected in your young life.  You already know or sense your uniqueness.  Much of what your grandfather shares with you is new to your ears.  Yes, you are hearing it for the first time, but it seems only like a reminder of what you sense to already instinctively know.  He has guided you well and has prepared you for this new transition.   Your soul’s development and evolution are about to unfold in a new direction.  You are ready to make a great transformation much as that of the caterpillar prior to becoming a butterfly.”

Again, I just stared at her as I was both amazed at her astonishing comments as well as her incredible, breathtaking beauty.  She then turned her head from gazing off into the distant sea and made eye contact with me.  As much as I trembled with what I was hearing, my soul froze as our eyes connected.  It was as if another dimensional force had locked onto my soul.  I don’t know how long our eyes made contact, but it felt as if time stood still.  The most soothing, calming and loving feeling I had ever experienced in my entire life pulsated throughout my being.  Her deep brown eyes seemed to also express a powerful energy that reminded me of the very moment the morning sun breaks the distant horizon to start the day.  I can truly describe this power as excitingly captivating and riveting because it also expressed a feeling I can only describe as a tender yearning desire.  

Gavi then asked in a soft tone of voice, “Would you please share a warm beverage with me?”.

I had no idea what she meant.  “What?”, I asked myself.  Not knowing what else to say, I responded. “Yes”.

I then noticed sitting in front of this angelic beauty was a small, flameless fire of simmering, burning embers.  What appeared to be a small black iron kettle was sitting atop these pulsating red embers. The air above the red-hot coals was seemingly melting from the heat.  I had not noticed the fire when I approached earlier, but it was as if it had been there for hours.  It was as if it just appeared as she asked the question.

This moment in time was unlike anything that I had ever experienced in my young existence.  In my full amazement and my speechless state of mind, I nodded in response.

In what appeared to fully materialize as Gavi reached to pour from the kettle, were two earthen cups. 

When she turned to offer a cup she said, “Please drink slowly with me Gremha, and while you sip, listen to the rhythm of the rolling ocean waves.”

The warm beverage was very new to me.  It was soothing, a bit herbaceous and slightly bitter, but pleasant to the palate.

Time patiently and quietly passed and after slowly finishing several sips of the hot soothing beverage I heard these soft words, “Close your eyes and observe your breath.  Your breath flows free onto the shore of your tender young heart much as the ocean waves gently touch the shore of this cool, sandy beach.”

While following this direction, I sat in amazement!  Little had I expected to be sitting on the beach while awaiting the early morning sunrise, taking advice from someone so breathtaking while also having such an impact and influence over me.  As I followed her direction though, the pace of my breath was slowly beginning to emulate the pace of each individual wave as it rolled in and then swept back out from the shore.  It was as if the grand ocean itself was taking full control of my breathing.

The sound of Gavi’s voice entered my consciousness like a gentle breeze against my face. “Listen to the silence of your mind. Observe its precious stillness”, she said.

After another few moments, she said softly as if she had taken a position within my brain, “Listen to the silence of this moment. Observe its powerful stillness while you follow your breath.”

I soon realized I could only faintly hear the sounds of waves slapping against the shoreline. The sea gull’s overhead must have departed because there were now only the sounds of my breath and those of the gentle lovely voice of Gavi.

Once again, her soft tender voice gently arose in my mind, “Value the fullness of your breath.  Embrace the shallow depths of its satisfying richness.”

Another space of time and then, “Be gentle with yourself as your mind, at times, attempts to wander.  Slowly, yet patiently, return your awareness to your breath.”

As I noticed my breath, it began to fall into a slow calming pattern.  The pounding of my beating heart now began to slow its pace. With my breath growing deeper and slower, I again noticed the soothing sounds of the ocean waves.  They were calming to match my breath.  Their gentle rhythm was very much like the slow soothing rhythm of my beating heart.

My newly discovered inner voice again spoke, “Notice the air you are breathing embrace the heavy scent of the ocean’s salt in each inhale of breath. Within each inbreath, feel the salt of the ocean’s waves cleansing each cell within your soul, attaching to and absorbing every spec of negativity it contains.”

And again, a silence ….

After a while the melodious voice of Gavi again spoke, “The salt air from far out to sea calmly rushes into your being and softly clings to every negative emotion, every negative thought and clears your mind and cleanses your heart.  With each exhale of the breath, you surrender all the negativity held within your body, mind, and soul. This negativity then dissolves into the soul of the sea.”

And again, a pause lasting several minutes ….

And once again the beauty of the voice said, “With each exhale imagine all the worries of the previous day flowing far out to the distant ocean.  Let the rolling ocean waves carry each exhale of your breath as well as all these negative worries out to vanish into the vast mysterious ocean’s depths.  Gently merge with this moment in time.”

And again, a stillness as time passed ….

“And now, Gremha, begin to feel the awakening of your heart.  Embrace its contents.  Feel its tender love, for it is only when we quiet the mind, are we aware of the contents held deep within our hearts.  Our heart speaks to us in wavelike patterns.  It is through the ocean waves of our breath that we discover the potential held in its vast depths.  Become soft in spirit holding onto nothing.  Just surrender to your tender, yet powerfully potent breath.”

A wisp of a sound pretending to be Gavi’s soft sweet voice then slowly whispered in the wind, “Let go.  Just, let go Gremha.  When we settle our breath, we in turn calm our mind.  Only through a calm mind does the heart open. The discoveries held within a loving heart are quite amazing.  Follow the heart as it now begins to guide you and lead you in your journey through life.”

After the longest time and after experiencing the deepest loving experience I, to this day, have ever known, I felt the caress of a soft ocean breeze against my face.  The morning sun, now breaking the plane of the horizon, shared its warm vivid gaze upon my face.  As my mind seemed to awaken with the heat of the morning sun, I wondered to myself, “Is this real?”

I opened my eyes to see the brightness of a breathtaking morning sunrise.  I then looked to my left eager to see this wondrous presence in the break of the bright light of the morning sun. Who was this person that had just led me so beautifully into a calming and deeply loving meditation? 

She was gone! 

I was alone!

There were no remnants of a fire.   There was not even an impression in the sand where she once sat.

Did I imagine all of this?  Had I actually fallen asleep and dreamt it all? 

I was shocked to think that this vivid experience could have possibly been imaginary!

“But it was so real!” I told myself.

This was the first of many wondrous memories of my long and rewarding relationship with Gavi.  It was a relationship not confined to time or space, as she seemed to have full control of both.



Chapter 3

A Word with Grandfather

That day Grandfather and I were scheduled to return home.  On my way back to our camp from the shore of the ocean I kept reviewing my experience with Gavi.  How amazing was this morning?!  I still could not believe what had happened.  I debated whether or not to tell Grandfather what had happened.  He would never believe me if I told him!

When I arrived at camp, I saw Grandfather slowly packing our tent and other belongings.  He worked at a calm deliberate pace.  Something seemed to be making him hesitant in this process though.  When he saw me, I noticed an inquisitive expression on his face.

“Is everything alright Grandfather”, I asked.

He responded, “How was your morning at the ocean shore?”

I didn’t recall telling Grandfather earlier that morning where I was to be going.  He seemed to know exactly where I had been.  I responded, “How did you know that I had gone to the ocean?”

“Gremha,” Grandfather responded.  “I have known since your birth that this day would come.  I know you were to meet Gavi when we began our journey from the mountains.  I have known about this meeting since that very morning you were born.”

I was shocked!  I just stood there bewildered and confused. This was a morning of great surprises.  Not only having met Gavi in the way that I did, but to have Grandfather know about this meeting for my entire life created many questions. 

“How could you have known about this meeting so far in advance Grandfather?” I blurted out with an inquisitive frustration.

Grandfather went back to work, seemingly ignoring my question.  He appeared to be unpacking everything now though, as he had just been in the process of packing for our return to our mountainous home.  He then stopped and motioned for me to sit on the tree stump next to him.  He too took a seat as well on a large log next to me.  I was not ready for what I was about to hear.

“As you know Gremha, your mother died upon your birth from severe hemorrhaging caused by the childbirth.  The mid-wives did everything in their power to control and stop the bleeding.  This I have told you before throughout our years together.  You were born in the dark of night with no moonlight.  I sat up throughout the night praying to God that He would spare your mother’s life as she was my only child, my cherished daughter.  As I was a great warrior throughout my younger years in the Emperor’s army, the Lord had always answered my many prayers.  Your father, the Emperor, had chosen me as the General of his army because of this connection I had with the Spirit of the Lord.  He had seen and many times asked how I could prevail under such dire circumstances that we encountered in battle.  I would always inform him of the Lord’s will and guidance for I would always fight accordingly.  Well, Gremha, the night of your birth I attempted to circumvent His will as I loved your mother so very much and losing her would break my heart and shatter my life.  I could not allow that to happen!  I prayed for hours that you and she would be spared.  I could also not imagine taking care of you on my own after your father’s death in the purge and our exile to the mountains.  Throughout this evening of fervent praying I soon realized that the sun would be rising before long.  I next went to the brook upstream from your birthplace for a drink of water.  As I was resting on the bank of the stream, I felt a hand touch mine.   I looked to my left and to my surprise, I see the outline of what I could tell was a very beautiful women”. 

As her hand touched mine, she said, “I am Gavi.  I am sent to respond to your prayers.  I am instructed to tell you that your daughter must pass.  She will not suffer, however.  You must continue your faith in the Lord.  You now have a grandson that much will be expected from like his grandfather.  Your grandson has been a great warrior in his past life much the way you were in this life.  He has been chosen to embark on a new journey through this birth that can begin with only you as his teacher.  The love you have for your daughter must now be directed solely to him.  You will call him Gremha as it means “Compassionate Warrior”.  He too has been faithful to our Lord much the same way that you have been throughout your lifetime.  You, and only you, are to teach him of your history and the wisdom and love inside of you.  You will travel to the ocean shore on the full moon prior to his 13th birthday.   On the eve of the first full moon after his 13th birthday I will meet with him alone.  Upon the completion of this first meeting he will return to you in order for the two of you to have this conversation.  You will then be instructed on what to do next.”

“With that, she disappeared”, Grandfather said.  Soon thereafter, your mother died.  It was the saddest moment of my life.  As I have always been faithful to the Lord and I was visited by what I perceived as His Angel, I did exactly as she had instructed.  Knowing that last night was the eve of the first full moon after your 13th birthday, I knew long ago we were to prepare for our travels.  I was not sure you would meet Gavi as I have not had another meeting with her since the morning of your birth.  That is why I was packing for our return home.  When you did confirm that meeting, I knew that she was an Angel of the Lord.  I was pleased that you had this meeting and that I had followed her directive, but it brings back the memory of my extreme sorrow and sadness that was so profound when I lost your mother.  She filled my heart with her joy and warmth for she too had a mother that had died at birth.  My love for her mother was just as profound as my love for her and now you.  Sometimes I have wondered if the immense suffering that I have endured in my lifetime was in response to the many lives I had taken in battle over the years.  Was my own personal suffering a direct reflection of the suffering I created for the families of the warriors that I had killed.  I believe it was.  I am grateful though Gremha, that you have now met Gavi.”

Grandfather paused as tears were streaming down his face.  He just stared into the woods ahead.  I could only imagine how much he loved both his wife as well my mother and to have had them both taken from him at childbirth.  I have never felt such sorrow.

Grandfather then continued, “While you were returning from the ocean, Gavi visited me once more.  She said she was pleased with how you have developed and that the Lord was pleased also.  She said that my task was almost done.  I begged her not to take you from me as I did not think I could stand to lose one which I love so dearly for a third time.  She responded by saying that I was to instruct you to come to the ocean shore the very next morning and then return home to the mountains.”

What Grandfather did not tell Gremha was that Gavi did promise not to take Gremha away, but that it was time for Grandfather’s time on this Earth to soon end.  He would soon cross over and once again share his enduring love with his long departed wife and Gremha’s mother.  For this, Grandfather was content as he knew that Gremha was in the hands of the Lord. There was still sadness in the thought of leaving Gremha.

Grandfather’s burden of pain and sadness was soon to be put to rest as his grief had never dissipated.  It had always weighed heavily upon his heart.  



Chapter 4

The Dawning of a New Day

As Gremha was attempting to fall asleep that same evening he kept picturing and reviewing his meeting with Gavi and discussion with Grandfather.  How amazing this day had been?  Gremha knew he was mature beyond his years, but how special it was to have had Grandfather chosen by God to raise him.  Grandfather always told him he had special parents as he was the only son and only child of the exiled Emperor.  He also knew of the special meaning being the grandson of a great general and outstanding battlefield warrior.  The village where they now live conveyed great respect to Grandfather knowing of his history.  Gremha realized how lucky he was to have been his grandson. He was so very grateful for the love, patience, and wisdom Grandfather expressed while raising him.  Gremha and Grandfather were honored by the loving devotion they both had to one another.

…and then to have an Angel of the Lord from legendary fables be real and take a personal interest in him!  It all felt like a momentous dream to Gremha.  He had heard stories of Angels coming to earth to interact with mortals, never imagining that it would happen to him.  One such story was of a beautiful goddess that came to earth each morning just before the sunrise.  She would come each morning from her home at the edge of the ocean.  Legend had it that she was sent by her father the Sun; sent each morning to prepare earth for the dawning of a new day.  It was said she would open the gates of heaven for the awakening of sunrise.  During this period of time she would take guidance and direction from her mother, the Moon.   At the coming of a new moon, her father and mother worked together for the understanding of new beginnings.  It was told that when one would wish to begin a new endeavor, it should begin with the blessing of a new moon when both the sun and the moon are in agreement as to the course of future actions.  Legend had it that mortals could find success when tasks would begin under the new moon.  Gremha however, thought this was an old story told only by children and old men while sitting around the campfire at night he now knew there was truth to the story.

The next morning Grandfather barely said a word before Gremha left for the ocean.  The luminous moonlit morning cast its shadows as it guided Gremha’s path toward the ocean shore.  The sound of the ocean waves rustled in the distance.  The fresh morning air blew directly upon Gremha’s young face.  The salt air rested faintly on his breath.  As Gremha came closer and closer to his arrival at the place he had previously found Gavi just the morning before, a sweat began to form on his forehead.  Even though the salty breeze was cool this morning, Gremha’s nervousness was apparent even to himself.

“I am about to meet with an Angel of God!” Gremha exclaimed to the ocean’s wind.  “That explains how she could be so breathtakingly beautiful,” he concluded to himself.

The ocean was rough and intense that morning.  The waves were aggressively pounding the shore with a boldness and force unmistakably originating from far out to sea.  Gremha always thought of the ocean as a mysterious and emotional living presence.  He was dealing with an angry ocean this morning, but he was soon to be encountering a remarkable heavenly goddess with peaceful yet powerful qualities.  It was as if the shadowy full moon, the angry ocean, and Gavi were each characters from a fictional story Gremha had once read about.  It was like Gremha was one of the fictional figures within a playful campfire legend.

The sunrise was approaching from out of the future, but Gremha could not see Gavi anywhere along the shore.  As he soon arrived at the place in the sand, he had encountered Gavi the previous morning, he took a seat and began to meditate in much the same manner that Gavi had instructed him previously.  As Gremha sat with palms placed upward, he closed his eyes and followed his breath.  It appeared the ocean’s waves were unhappy with his arrival.  Their roar seemed much louder than he had ever heard before.  The salty wind blew aggressively upon his face.  It was as if his hair was now an invader’s flag blowing majestically in a furious battle.  Gremha did not deter though from Gavi’s earlier instruction of the day before.  He faithfully continued to follow his breath as he waited for the beautiful goddess Gavi to arrive. 

Moments turned in long drawn out minutes.

Just as Gremha was about to open his eyes, the strong hold of the morning wind began to die. The aggressive voice of the ocean’s waves began to diminish.  The waking gulls overhead began to announce the coming sunrise. 

“Good Morning Gremha,” a soft angelic voice said as it seemed to float on the remaining currents of the ocean breeze.

Gremha slowly opened his eyes to see the outline of Gavi sitting in front of him slightly to his left while looking far out to sea.

“Please continue your meditation Gremha,” said Gavi.

Time passed.

Gavi broke the continuous soothing silence by asking, “Gremha, please take this beverage and sip it slowly with me.”

As Gremha reached out to take the warm steamy cup he could see the same metal pot sitting on the fireless burning embers of yesterday.  With each sip of the warm tasteful brew, Gremha could feel himself floating deeper into his meditation.  He seemed to be swaying to the changing sound of the now gently pulsating ocean waves.  His conscious awareness now cloaked in joy, ebbed back and forth upon his slowing peaceful breath.

After another period of time passed Gavi broke the soothing silence.  “Gremha?” Gavi asked in a lovingly sincere voice.

Before Gremha could respond, he sensed the direction of his future was about to change.



Chapter 5

An Earth Shattering Moment

“Your grandfather is a great loving man.’  Gavi stated in a loving but supportive tone.  ‘He is obedient to our Father in Heaven.  He has been a loyal loving companion to his nation, his Emperor, his wife, and both you and your mother.  In the near future he will be returning to his place in Heaven as it is soon to be time for him to reunite with your grandmother, your mother, and his Father.  His time raising you is soon to be completed.  I cannot tell you of the time for his passing, but you must prepare yourself for it emotionally and mentally.  I discussed this with your grandfather yesterday morning upon completion of our meeting and meditation.”

Tears began forming in Gremha’s eyes as the pain of excruciating sorrow was welling in his gut.  Gremha had never experienced death firsthand. 

“This must be what Grandfather feels daily when he speaks of losing my mother and his wife.” Gremha thought to himself.

Gavi then said, “The role of your loving teacher will then be left to me.  Our relationship began long ago in many previous lifetimes.  You do not remember though as with each rebirth mankind losses memory of previous history from lives lived upon earth.  The meditation you are learning will help you remember.  It will act as a conduit for you in that it will allow you to intuitively communicate with heaven and earth.  It will allow you to continue to communicate with your grandfather even after he passes from this earth.  As you perfect your meditation practice you will learn much of the what the soul is capable of while in human form.

Gavi continued after a brief pause, “The reason your mother was taken from you at birth was because only your grandfather could have prepared you for this next step in your earthy journey.  His responsibilities will soon be completed, and he will be happily reunited with those souls that he has lost.  He will also continue to be close to you as you develop your skills through meditation.  Just remember this Gremha; the love we carry in our hearts has no boundaries.  It is the most powerful energy in the universe.  It crosses all divides.  It never waivers.  It never falters.  It carries on through time; past, present, and future.”

“God is love Gremha and love is God.  He shares this love with us no matter where we are in time or place.  It is the full reflection of who we are as God’s children.” said Gavi. 

Gremha was in awe at what he was hearing.  And as Gavi continued Gremha stayed focused on her every breath and word.

Gavi explained, “Mankind loses sight of his capacity to love through the workings of the mind.  He loses sight of the beauty contained within the heart through fear, doubt, ego, and anger.  He then tries to replace this lost love with the desires of and for this world.  In his lack of understanding he replaces the loving contents of the heart with the memory of what he thinks love was.  Briefly and momentarily throughout life, he is often reminded of it only to lose it again.  He so desperately tries to rekindle lost love that he becomes farther and farther removed from it.  It is through this lack and limitation in understanding that he inadvertently creates karmic issues.  Karma acts as stumbling blocks set upon our path in order to redirect our destiny.  These karmic lessens further act as barriers that confuse the mind and separates mankind from what is so naturally given.  Objectively however, overcoming these karmic issues offers wisdom along the path.”   

Gavi continued, “So, don’t be stressed Gremha.  Your grandfather will always be with you.  That is the beauty of the world of Heaven.  You must understand that whenever you call up a memory of him, he is there.  Whenever you feel love for him, he is there.   He will not be limited by the barriers which restrict you.  Time does not hold him or you for that matter.  The affairs of the heart are not restricted.  Loves crosses all divides.” 

“Your future holds incredible journeys when you embrace this understanding Gremha.  These journeys will carry you through time and space discovering all there is to discover.  All you have to do is calm the mind and open the heart Gremha.  It is only through this method that you will be able to know God and His many wonders that encompass past, present, and future.  You will know love like few humans have ever known before.  You will come to understand the divine origins of the loving Spirit.  Along the way you will learn of prayer and its power when expressed after one opens the heart.  You will discover an amazing endless love called Grace.  You will learn that when your prayer is filled with the Grace of Spirit, you empower the energies of Heaven to change the world.  This is your path Gremha,” said Gavi.

Once again Gremha was shocked at what he was hearing in much the same way he had been the previous morning.  He now felt the rise of the morning sun warmly brush against his face.  He also felt a unique combination of both the agony of intense sorrow and an immeasurable loving joy.  This bewildering feeling lingered.  It seemed to be expressing the thought that everything was going to work out as it was supposed to be.  It gave Gremha the curious feeling of a comforting calmness.

He then opened his eyes knowing that Gavi would be gone as the commanding morning sun had taken her away.



Chapter 6

The Measure of One’s Courage

“The measure of one’s courage can be found in the depths of their compassion”, said Grandfather to Gremha as they arrived home from their magical yet sorrow filled journey to the ocean.  It had taken several weeks to return as their home was located at the southern slope of the Tibetan Plateau.  As they were traveling during the dry cold season prior to the coming spring rains, their journey was long yet pleasant.  Most importantly, it was dry.

Gremha then responded in a bit of boyish inpatient exhaustion, “How could courage have anything to do with compassion and why would you be saying that upon our return home.”  Gremha was overwhelmed by not only the journey home, but much of what he had experienced at the ocean shore.  He was not yet ready to lose Grandfather either.  He said little on their trip back home.

Grandfather calmly replied, “Well, Gremha, our journey to the ocean, having met Gavi, and our return are all just the beginning of a quest that will require great courage from you.  My responsibility during the remaining time I have with you in this world is to prepare you for this quest.  Yes, you will have Gavi aiding in your future development, but my task as your grandfather is not yet complete.”

Gremha just stared at Grandfather as he always had whenever there was an unfolding of new information that puzzled Gremha.  Gremha was worn out from the trip home as well shaken by all that he had to absorb and process.  He was realizing that his life was about to be changing drastically.

“It is through the cultivation of compassion, that I as a warrior and General in your father’s kingdom learned how to grow great courage.”  Grandfather said.  “This compassionate courage sprung from the seeds of a determined spirit.  It was during those times of insurmountable odds against me in battle, that I was able to maintain the faith and poise which would enable my success in battle.  Many times, only through sheer strength of will and determined courage were we able to overcome the enemy against us.  Much of my success in the leadership of our great armies was due to the example I would display to my men.  They reflected this same depth of courage by having confidence in me.  They learned to grow accustom to the expectation of positive outcomes in battle.  Their fierce fighting skill also reflected this.  This great courage Gremha, can only be grown through the will necessary to have a single-minded focus.  This willful and relentless focus to train and prepare and to grow one’s compassion is the secret Gremha.  Courage is single minded while compassion allows one to see the all-encompassing greater picture of time and events.  Courage involves passion.  Compassion involves the loving Spirit of Grace.  My warriors not only saw my courage in battle, they experienced my compassion for them.  They saw and experienced the full panorama of the Spirit of life that flowed through them.  This balance of courage and compassion was directed into the way we treated our enemies after battle also.  I had great respect for all life and the demands this world places on all beings.  And, I might say that we went into battle only upon last resort.  So, whether the task was to fight great battles against great opponents or to nurture the everyday needs of my men as well as enemies, I knew that I needed to be a great leader of humble and responsible means.   It is through cultivating a meditation practice that this can be done for you Gavi.  You will have great demands and responsibilities in your life also.  They won’t necessarily be similar to mine.  That is where Gavi will be instructional to and for you.”

Grandfather continued, “Your meeting with Gavi as well our travels were not by accident as you know.  The last several weeks of our journey home were focused on completing our travel successfully.  This trip home was undertaken in great silence as I knew you had much to process, but now that we have arrived the preparation is soon to begin.  Always remember Gremha, you were born with many blessings as well as great responsibilities.””

“We have just a few weeks remaining prior to the spring rains.”, Grandfather said while looking over the slopes of the beautiful lush vegetation of their hillside home.  “Our job during that time will be to prepare for your training.  It will be a training not unlike that of the training my armies would undertake before battle.  There will be a major difference though.  You Gremha, will conduct this training not with a sword or spear.  Your weapon of choice will be compassion.  Your training method will be meditation.  Your training arena will be prayer.”

Grandfather then said, “Gremha, let us get unpacked and acclimate ourselves to our home once again as we have been gone for so long there is much to do.  We must replenish our water supply from the river first. Tomorrow will be spent fishing and preparing our garden for the new spring planting.”

As this was taking place Gremha realized he was about to embark upon the true becoming of the actual meaning of his name.  As Grandfather had always explained to him that Gremha meant, “Compassionate Warrior”.   He now understood further the few words expressed by Grandfather during the return home in the prior weeks of the journey.  Grandfather had explained that in order to sustain our mortal life in a healthy and balanced manner it was necessary to satisfy and please the Creator through humility, acceptance, and surrender.  In order to accomplish this, he spoke to the fact that much time and work was needed to explore one’s inner being.  That in doing so, eventually there would occur a significant breakthrough and a discovery between the connection of a personalized soul and the Great Spirit which permeates and connects all that exists.  This could be accomplished only if one embarked upon a path of regulated efforts and disciplines.

Gremha found a similarity in Grandfathers words to those of Gavi’s at their last meeting at the ocean too.  Grandfather was now however, identifying the work necessary to enable Gavi’s vision to become reality.  Grandfather had always emphasized that in order to undertake great missions, there must always be great preparation.

Gremha was realizing also; the years of his boyhood would soon be coming to an end.



Chapter 7

Seeds from Heaven

The next morning Grandfather and Gremha began their efforts to prepare their home.  They fished until noon from the massive river close by.  They cleared the brush and growth from the soil along the hillside of the mountain slope to the north of the river in the afternoon.  By now the sun was getting old in the sky as it began to display its colorful hues while brushing the western mountain peaks.  Gremha then asked, as they had spoken very little during their morning activities, “Grandfather, why are we catching so many fish this morning and why are we clearing the earth along this mountain slope?” 

Grandfather appeared to have a plan, but shared little until he answered by saying, “Gremha, do you recall your last visit with Gavi before we began our trip home?”  Without giving Gremha time to respond Grandfather said, “Well, if you recall she was not at the ocean shore when you expected to meet her that morning.  She had visited me at our camp before she arrived at the ocean to meditate with you.  The reason for this was to inform me of the beverage she had brewed in the sand and the two of you drank while meditating.  This beverage was made from a magical wild bitter herb.  When heated, as was when you drank its broth, it had a somewhat pleasant yet mildly bitter flavor if you recall.  This brewed herb when heated was called “Tu” by Gavi.  She gave me a basket of its seeds with the instruction to plant them along the slope of a mountainside facing the southern sky when we returned from our journey home.  Her instruction further said to plant a fish with a small hand full of seed every two steps in the soil.  She continued to emphasize that we complete this planting before the spring rains.  She told me that the seeds will grow quickly in the soil when planted this way.  We must further continue their growth process through the discipline of meditation and activity of prayer.  The entire area of land that we plant this growing season must be dedicated to this magical seed.  It was not only necessary to plant in this way, but our silence, our thoughts and our prayers must be committed to and dedicated to this growing season.  The fish will act as fertilizer along with our mental image of the completed plant through meditation and prayer.  As we will picture to full growth in our mind, the reality of growth will speed up to complete this process.  To add further to this, we should surrender our potent Spirit filled breath to this process.”

Grandfather and Gremha spent the last few hours of daylight planting most of the fish they had caught in the morning along the hillside slopes of the mountain.  They placed each fish in a shallow bed approximately every two steps of Grandfathers long legs as Gavi had instructed.  They covered the fish lightly with soil to keep the nocturnal beasts of the forest from scavenging through the night.  They needed them to sit uncovered in the earth basking in the energies the moon overnight in preparation for the coming Tu seeds.

Gavi said nothing in response until both he and Grandfather were sitting in front of the evening fire after completing their meal of the remaining freshly caught fish from earlier in the day. Gremha said while finishing his last bite, “Grandfather, with much respect I ask you what this process has to do with my training to prepare for my future …. ?”

Grandfather responded before Gremha could finish, “Your training has begun today in the work necessary to prepare the soil.  The training of your mind will be similar to the preparation of the soil to plant these seeds.  No warrior’s mind is prepared for battle until they undertake a complete season of training.  Until then, they have a mind cluttered by the thoughts developed in the prior months of idle living.  It is the same with you Gremha.  You have had a wonderfully loving youth.  Your 13 years of life have been spent in play and in a life of love that I have supported.  You have learned of your heart and your environment and the laws of nature and how you respond to them.  You have learned of the animals of the fields and how they respond to you.  You have learned of the passing seasons and the rotation of the heavenly bodies in the night’s sky.  You have learned of the earth, the air, the water, and of fire.  You have learned of our love and the kindness that comes from giving and respecting all forms of life.”

After several minutes passed in order to allow Gremha time to process what had just be said, Grandfather continued,  “It is now time Gremha for you to learn of each of your minds that lie dormant and uncultivated within you.  This coming training will help you learn of the need for mental discipline.  Each of your minds is similar to many of the animals you have learned of and experienced in your youth.  They all display a wild tendency to do as they wish until fully trained.  You see this in our ox and our horse and all of the wild animals of the forest.  You will learn of the power contained within each different levels of your different minds for they each reflect the powers of the heavens in different ways.  You will learn of the power of silence and its potential for all of creation.  For the sake of your training though, we will just spend this evening absorbing the thoughts of Tu for it demands your full attention during the coming of the next several months.”  

“Let us prepare for bed now because we have many days of clearing the land and planting the seed ahead of us,” Grandfather said as they both were growing very tired from all of the day’s activities. 

Grandfather then said, “As the new moon will be upon us tomorrow, we will begin the planting.  We are also in a race against the coming spring rains.  We will be continuing the activities of today and more each and every day until all the seeds are planted,” Grandfather concluded as they both prepared for their evening slumber.

Once again, Gremha would go to sleep reviewing his life altering transition from childhood.  He also, started to appreciate the impact of silence in a way he had never experienced before.



Chapter 8

A New Moon, A New Mission

The next morning Gremha awoke to find that Grandfather was already up and gone from his bed.  He saw that the fire in fireplace in their small hut was aflame with new wood.  There was the dinner pot hanging above the fire as always, this morning.  The sun had yet to rise in the east.  It was so early the birds in the forest were still waiting to usher their announcement of this day’s morning sun.  Gremha found much peace in this early morning’s silence.  As Gremha arose from his bedding and walked out to find Grandfather, he thought of Gavi momentarily as she would soon be going to do her early morning work prior to sunrise.  There was a presence in the air this morning that reminded him of the morning he first met Gavi at the ocean shore many weeks ago.  This time however, the sky was empty of the evening’s moonlight, giving added life to the stars in the heavens.  These bright stars were alive and full of life this dark early morning.  Gremha could almost count each and every one of them as they mingled up above.  He missed though, the heavy salt smell and feel of the air so close to the ocean.  He longed for the sound of the pounding rhythmic ocean waves.

“Where could Grandfather be?” wondered Gremha. 

Just then he heard Grandfather coming through the opening they used to travel into the forest.  As he turned to see, Gremha caught a glimpse of Grandfather’s flaming torch as it radiated along the path to the hut.  Hanging from Grandfather’s shoulder was his leather bag appearing full and heavy.  

“Good morning Gremha,” Grandfather uttered as their eyes met. 

“Morning,” Gremha responded. 

Grandfather continued, “I have readied us for the new beginning of your training mission as the new moon and the sun have prepared these forest vegetables in their abundance.  I have searched the forest this morning for properties to include in a new morning brew that we will incorporate into our morning breakfast routine.  It consists of several mushrooms I’ve collected as well as numerous roots and tree barks.  We will let them steep in the boiling river water over the morning fire.   This brew will prepare us for the meditation practice to begin prior to sunrise.  It will also tone our bodies in order to handle the damp environment bought about by the coming spring rains.” 

With that Gremha started his morning duties of feeding the farm animals penned down wind of the hut.  They had a horse named Cha and an ox named Tay.  Gremha had named them a few years earlier.  They used the horse and ox to carry supplies when traveling as they had done recently to the ocean shore.  They will use them in the fields this spring as well.  They also had several semi-wild dogs.  These dogs were half wild and half domesticated.  They lived as they wanted, but whenever Grandfather and Gremha were home these dogs would instinctively submit to the care and feeding provided by Gremha.  They also acted as protection from the other confrontational wild animals of the forest.

When Gremha approached the pen that morning which housed the Cha and the Tay he noticed the rail fence containing Cha was broken down and she was missing.  Gremha, startled by this observation, went running in search of Grandfather yelling, “Grandfather, Grandfather the fence is broken, and Cha is nowhere to be found!”

In a calming and stoic response Grandfather replied, “Gremha, first calm down by slowing your breath.  Breathe from your nostrils in a deep yet slow manner.  Do this to the count of 5.”

While Gremha began to do as Grandfather had instructed, he could see Grandfather scan the moonless countryside in search of Cha.  When Gremha completed the instruction, both he and Grandfather walked to the fenced area to observe the destruction. 

As Grandfather calmly looked into the dwelling housing the ox, Gremha asked, “What will we do?  This is so bad!  We have so much to do today with the planting!  The spring rains will be here soon!” 

Grandfather, without stopping his observation of the starlit countryside replied, “Just slow your breath.  The Great Sacred Spirit had an intention for our horse that we know not of.  We need to stay calm and continue with the plans of our morning.  The horse is governed instinctively by the Sacred Spirit.  We need to connect with Spirit in meditation to understand the messaging.”

Gremha had no idea what Grandfather was speaking of, but knew he needed to finish his chores and prepare for Grandfather’s instruction.  As Gremha continued on with his morning work, he would keep an eye on the opening to the forested area.

Upon completion of the morning chores, Gremha returned to the hut to find Grandfather sitting before the fire sipping the morning beverage he had prepared.  There was a cup setting on the floor next to one of Gremha’s thick animal hides.  Grandfather motioned to Gremha to sit and join him.  As Gremha took his seat, Grandfather poured and filled Gremha’s cup.  He then dropped a small Tu seed in the cup.  Grandfather resumed sipping his beverage in silence.  The hut was filled with this soothing peaceful silence. The cracking of the morning fire vainly contested the silence as it was still too early for the morning birds to have awakened the sun.  As Gremha began to consume the hot steamy beverage in small controlled sips, he noticed a strikingly unique aroma.  The taste was also strangely changing with each and every sip.  One sip tasted remarkably sour.  The next was astonishingly bitter.  The next had a somewhat salty taste to it.  And then, out of nowhere, a sip would be surprisingly sweet.  This rotation of flavors would continue throughout as Gremha completed the full cup. 

Halfway through the cup however, Grandfather stated, “Gremha, after each sip and before taking another, place your tongue at the roof of your closed mouth, then completely empty your lungs through your nose and hold your breath for a count of 5.  Just prior to inhaling through your nose, picture Cha before your closed eyes.  As you slowly inhale, watch this image of Cha move slowly up the back of your spine until it reaches your internal mind’s eye located between your eyebrows.  Now, with your lungs full, and the image of Cha resting squarely in your mind’s eye, hold your breath for the count of 5.  Midway through your count, focus on all the wonderful love you have for Cha into the image.  While holding onto that love, exhale your breath down the front of your spine while also holding onto both the image of Cha and your love for her.  When completed with this first rotation, slowly and calmly take another sip of your beverage enjoying and savoring its lingering expression of aroma and flavor.  When this next sip is complete, begin this same rotation of breath with your loving imaging once more.”

This routine continued with Grandfather’s assistance throughout the completion of the cup.  Upon the last loving exhale of the expressed image of Cha, Gremha could hear the birds slowly awakening from their internal evening journey.

Grandfather then said, “While maintaining the tongue at the roof of your mouth, slowly let your breath begin to take over.  Surrender to your breath.  Submit to your potent and powerful breath.  Let your breath be as the ocean waves encountered when meditating with Gavi brushing along the shoreline in their ritual rhythmic dance.  Allow each and every breath contain the love in your heart for Cha slowly ebbing and flowing.  Let it have command of your very being while maintaining your focus on Cha in your mind’s eye drenched with your love for her.  Surrender to your breath.  Let it go and let the Sacred Spirit of all life take over and guide you.”

Quite some time had passed before Grandfather spoke again saying, “Until now you were praying to the universe for the love of your horse.  In this meditation you influenced the Sacred energy field in you and around you.  Through it you empowered your attraction to Cha.  As Cha is connected to this Sacred Spirit energy naturally, she will feel your connection in time and follow it to its originating source.   With the presence of your prayer vibrating outward to the stars you must now sit and listen for its response.  It may come in this meditation, it may not.  The universe of the Great Spirit works on its schedule, not ours.  It is a law of the universe.  Our responsibility is to honor its direction and send it the love of our hearts empowered by the light of our vision.  That, this morning Gremha; you have done.”

After a few moments of personal reflection, the rays of the morning sun were beginning to pierce the cracks of the old wooden hut.  Both Gremha and Grandfather then began to hear the barking of their semi-domesticated dogs as these sounds broke the morning’s beautiful peaceful silence.

Something was amiss outside.  They both sprang to their feet.  When they opened the door of their hut and walked outside, they saw a wonderful sight.  Cha had returned, but she was not alone. 



Chapter 9

The Planting Begins

Prancing in the area located between the hut and the animal pen was Cha and a huge beautiful black stallion.  The stallion circled the open area as if it owned the morning.  It appeared to be 3 hands taller than Cha with a thick muscled neck and a strong chiseled frame.  Its nostrils flared with each powerfully loud breath as it circled.  Cha was as happy as Gremha had ever seen her.  As Grandfather approached Cha to settle her down, he looked directly into her eyes while raising the underside of his left palm.  He walked slowly and evenly in her direction.

In a calm motion and deliberate movement as well as a slow reassuring sound, Grandfather stopped in his tracks and said, “Now Cha, calm yourself and come to me.”

Cha immediately halted her quick prancing gate, turned toward Grandfather and began a slow mindful approach.  The stallion, once seeing this abrupt change of activity surprisingly did the same.  In just a few seconds, both horses were approaching Grandfather as if time had stood still just for a moment.  It was as if Grandfather had complete control of the entire presence of time and all life that inhabited it.

As both horses approached Grandfather, he pulled some Tu seeds out of his pocket and fed them to each of the entranced horses.  Grandfather then turned and walked toward Tay’s stall, opened it and waited long enough to allow Tay to exit.  As Tay was walking out of her stall, Grandfather walked into it followed by Cha and the stallion.  Grandfather fed them each another Tu seed, turned and exited the heavier and stronger ox stall.  Both Cha and the stallion circled their new environment totally enthralled to be with each other.  It was as if the stallion had become completely domesticated, at least for the moment.  “This is an amazing site!” thought Gremha to himself.

Gremha then said, “Grandfather, that was so thrilling and spectacular!  Is that the way you used to command the battlefield when you were a General in my father’s army?”

“We must quickly repair Cha’s pen before we start our morning planting.” responded Grandfather appearing to ignore Gremha’s question.

For the next hour Gremha and Grandfather worked to repair Cha’s broken-down pen while also attempting to reinforce it at appropriate intervals.  Neither said a word.  It was as if Grandfather continued to hold control over the day, as he had when he gained control of both horses.  Gremha had seldom seen Grandfather in this state of mind.  Over his almost 14 years of life, Grandfather was always loving, tender, and supportive, but today Grandfather was on a mission appearing to have a deliberate method of movement and motion.  Each step and action Grandfather took seemed to be orchestrated as if a great performance was playing out.  

Gremha noticed a stillness in the air similar to his memory of the completion of each meditation he had with Gavi at the ocean.  He was also seeing a glimpse of the mighty warrior’s mind that Grandfather seldom, if ever had shown to Gremha.

Grandfather then began to walk toward the mountain slope.  He stopped at the hut and put the large leather bag of Tu seeds over his shoulder.  He then grabbed an empty leather bag and filled it with a portion of his own.  He motioned to Gremha to follow as they both walked up the slope toward the waiting plant beds.  While getting closer Gremha could start to smell the fish as birds were circling overhead.  The smell was only faint however, when they began to plant the Tu seeds.  Grandfather showed Gremha how to sprinkle just a few seeds in each hole and cover them with loose dirt.  They both took a row and filled each and every bed with Tu. 

After a while, they had completed the planting of the Tu seeds.  That’s when Grandfather broke the silence as well as the magical presence of the day by saying, “Gremha, you are a good student to follow so mindfully.  I am very proud of you.  You would have made a great young warrior.  We must now get Tay and load up several leather bags of water to water each and every plant. This will take some time, but first let us check on Cha and her new friend.  We will then have something to eat and drink as I am sure you are very hungry.”

Gremha did not say a word.  He just nodded his head with the acknowledgement that Grandfather had full control of the moment and most assuredly the day ahead of them.  He was far too mesmerized to question what he had been experiencing.  Gremha was also happy to feel the loving presence of Grandfather once more.  After they finished their mid-day meal, both Grandfather and Gremha completed the watering of each and every Tu planting. 

After the watering, Grandfather and Gremha loaded the ox with bags of river rock to place around each Tu planting.  They had to do this so that the heavy spring rains did not wash away the seeds before the Tu took root.  The day wore on as this was the most enduring part of the planting process.  Their work lasted until nightfall.  Gremha was slowly becoming the man Grandfather prepared him to become.  Through the arduous afternoon, Gremha complained not.

Late in the afternoon, Grandfather attempted to answered Gremha’s earlier question about the battlefield.  “Gremha,” Grandfather began, “Battle is a nightmare.  There is nothing romantic or attractive about it.  It is a matter of life and death.  It is a nightmare in that men slaughter and kill one another as if they are wild animals of the forest.  For a moment in time, these men cease to be human.  They have one mission; to kill in their attempt to stay alive.  It was always my responsibility to prepare the men of my army to have the best possible advantages in battle; to have the highest possible odds in order to stay alive and win the battlefield.  They had to be the best prepared.  In preparation of an army, a general must blend and harmonizes all forces available to him.  In preparation, nothing can be neglected.  War is governed by five continuous laws Gremha.  They are Morality, Heaven, Earth, the General, and Method or Discipline.  The Moral Law causes all people of a nation, which include its armies, to be in complete lock step with its Emperor so they will without question follow him regardless of thought, fear, or danger.  Heaven’s role signifies the conditions of the battle: night/day, cold/heat, times and seasons.  It is how men and generals respond to Heaven’s conditions that many times win or lose battles.  Earth makes up those components of great and small distance, security/danger, obstacles that restrict or expand the field of battle, and how the conditions of earth enhance or diminish the chances of death and survival.  The General represents the virtues of his army.  All of the virtues of the army also signify those of its general.  I have seen this in all armies throughout my lifetime.  If a general indulges himself in pleasure, this is reflected in the lack of focus and stamina of his warriors.  If a general is overly strict, his men will also have the inability to adapt to the circumstances of the battlefield.  They will be mighty in one dimension only for a short duration of time and in a limited manner.  The superior general must have great wisdom, unlimited sincerity & humility, compassionate courage, and a high level of discipline.  He must above all, embrace great responsibility willingly and with the unlimited merit of experience.  With each and every battle, the warrior, as well as the general and his field commanders must be prepared to assess all factors of the moment.  They must be prepared for all factors that comprise what today and tomorrow might bring as well as have the willing flexibility to adapt to the changing flow of battle conditions.”

Grandfather continued, “In the case of Cha, I assessed the possibility she had been allured by a wild stallion.  There were many other potential possibilities I assessed as well.  In our morning meditation, which I was going to instruct you in anyway, we cultivated the beauty held in your heart for Cha.  It was with this beautiful love found in your heart combined with the living vision of your mind that brought Cha back to you.  No matter what stirrings she felt from the wild stallion, her heart was filled with your unconditional love.  That, my dear Gremha is the most powerful energy of the universe.  It is what the Sacred Spirit of God calls Grace.  It is through this loving Grace that all the forces of Heaven & Earth are connected to Spirit.  This my dear grandson, is how you attracted Cha back to you.  It is this sole factor that so many generals in battle fail to achieve.  It is the force that circumvents all other forces.  So many times, our love becomes diminished by fear and/or anger and many times ego, that we fail to achieve our missions in life.  We must always remember to not be afraid.  We must not fall prey to fear, anger or desire.  We must always keep the unconditional love of our heart active and alive.  Unconditional love holds no boundaries.  It has no fences to restrain it.  This unconditional love acts out through sincere compassion.  It emanates from the Great Sacred Spirit of God and must continuously flow to and through our mind during battle or times of stress.  Our mind then weds it to our vision of the moment. This is very difficult to do.  Our success or failure to do this Gremha, creates our future.  Should we choose to hold fear within our heart, that is what we will.  Should our future be born of seeds of anger, so it is.  This is the law.  Yes, we must follow all of the laws of war, but when we interject the force of Grace into our preparation and execution, we become warriors that are superior to all others of the battlefield.  We become the “Compassionate Warrior, Gremha.  This added dimension begins with meditation and prayer.  In Grace, we have this Sacred Spirit joining us in the battle. We honor Its presence.  We listen to what It tells us.  We observe what It shows us.  We value Its power and presence.  The successful warrior then embraces Its Love and wonder.  This, Gremha is what you witnessed this morning when Cha returned.  It was Grace expressed through your unconditional love for Cha that brought about this reality.”

And so, the planting begins…. 



Chapter 10

How Difficult the Embrace

Both Grandfather and Gremha prepared for bed.  Gremha had many questions based upon what Grandfather had just shared, but was far too exhausted to put them into words.  His heart was full though, knowing Cha was back.

As Grandfather and Gremha began their day in much of the same manner as the previous morning, it was difficult for Gremha to focus on meditation and Grandfather could tell. 

After much time had passed and the morning brew almost gone, Gremha broke their silence by saying, “You spoke of fear last night before bed Grandfather.  Even though I am only 13 years old, there are so many times in my life that I am afraid of what the future holds for me.  You and Gavi have told me of much responsibility that I will have moving into that future.  I also know you have done your very best to prepare me with your love and your vast experience through life.  I am afraid though, Grandfather.  I am afraid of what my life will be when you are gone.  I have never known life without you in it.  Gavi’s message shares so many promising possibilities, but I don’t want you to die.  I don’t want you to leave me.  That possibility gives me not only great sorrow and sadness, but also great fear.  Just as I thought of losing Cha, I now am so afraid of losing you.”

Grandfather paused as he allowed Gremha’s message to permeate both his heart as well as his mind before saying, ” I love you Gremha so very much.  When my wife died at the time of your mother’s birth, I thought I would never be able to continue.  The moment I held your mother in my arms for the very first time and looked into her yearning young eyes, my heart quickly filled once more.  And then, when your mother died; losing my cherished daughter, I had those same terrible pains and fears of heartbreak that you speak of.  I then held you in my arms for the very first time soon thereafter and my heart opened and filled once more.  As I have mentioned before, I needed to experience the grief of a broken heart.  It was my journey as I had caused so much sorrow in the lives of others.  I needed to experience the grief and heartache of life as I had inflicted grief, fear, and sorrow on others though war.  I still carry it in my heart.  The joy and love we carry in our hearts are limitless when experienced for another unconditionally.  It needs to rise through Grace as it matures.  That is what your heart is doing Gremha.  You love so deeply and so completely.  I am so proud of that and of you.  Just as your mind is growing and maturing, so is your heart.  That is why Gavi introduced herself at the ocean shore.  It was only an introduction though as she knew you were not ready for what she is to share with you.  She left it up to me to teach you the basics of what I have learned throughout my many years.  The easy part of sharing with you Gremha is my heart.  Both your Grandmother and your mother held Grace in their hearts.  Your Grandmother taught me the Grace needed to become the greatest general I could become.  Without her love and Grace, I am not sure I would be alive today.  I then shared this same love and Grace with your mother and now you. 

Grandfather paused and took another sip of his cooling beverage as the sound of the morning birds announced the coming of the morning sun.  Grandfather then continued. “Gremha, as the mind matures it gains reason and calculation.  It learns deduction and cunning.  The mind grows through discipline and the experience of reviewing the past with attempts to rework the canvas.  The heart Gremha needs the seeds of love to be planted deep early in life.  This love needs to be worked much as we have been working the planting of the Tu seeds.  Our hearts as well as our minds are gardens each, but the soil is so very different.  The mind works similar to the night air as lightning bolts curse throughout during a strong evening storm.  The heart works as the strong mighty flowing river longing to be joined with the vast magical great ocean.  Just as the lightning bolts of the thunderstorm are sparks from Heaven, the flowing rivers are tributaries leading to the attractive majestic ocean.  They each emanate as either sparks or droplets and return to their greater source.  Our minds mature through the understanding that these lightning bolts are small samples of the greater powerful energy of Heaven.  Our hearts mature through the understanding that the flowing rivers of our love seeks its return to the vast ocean of Grace.  Your fear is a process of the maturation of the heart in that it gains strength in its attempt to overcome its pain.  As it does, it grows stronger.  Through this maturing understanding we grow in joy and awareness “

Gremha then asked, “My fear of you dying hurts more than losing Cha though.  I don’t think I can ever overcome that pain.”

Grandfather slowly and lovingly responded, “You will always have me in your heart Gremha and that gives me great joy.  You will always have me in your mind as well and that makes my spirit soar.  Your memories of me will live forever just as my spirit will.  Whenever you feel sorrow, remember something we did together that gave you great joy.  The heart has no reason as does the mind.  It can only feel.  It is with your mind that you control the conditions of the heart.  The heart acts much like the conditions of Cha’s stallion.  It needs to be tamed by the mind through reason and wisdom otherwise it lives uncontrollably through the negativity of desire, ego, anger, and fear.  As we are born into this earthly existence to learn of Grace and its harmonic tones, we learn also the need to join with it through our own love, joy and compassion.  We then learn that there are also obstacles which might hinder this connection.  These obstacles are what you are experiencing now.  Your fear of the future and my passing will be overcome just as mine was.  This is why we are born Gremha.  We must each learn to understand obstacles will get in our way and hinder this journey.  The effort we make to overcome these obstacles is what makes us a true warrior.  Once we win this struggle and overcome that which blocks our path, can we then freely and unconditionally give what has grown in our hearts.  

As Grandfather again paused to take the last sip of his now cool beverage, he said, “We must now arise to begin our day Gremha.  We will continue our conversation this evening before bed.”

Just then, there was a forceful and powerful knock on the door to their wooden hut.  As the sun had risen already, Grandfather opened the door to see three large stately men in what appeared to be military dress.  Grandfather walked out of the hut without saying a word while keeping them directly in his sight.  He closed the door behind him to contain Gremha within the hut.  As the early morning sun shone directly into the eyes of the visitors from behind Grandfather, each of the men winced to stay focused.  Grandfather purposefully turned and walked to have the bright morning sun to his back displaying a bit of the wisdom learned from the lessons of the battlefield.  With more than an arm’s length between he and these three imposing men, Grandfather asked, “How may I be of service to you gentlemen?”  

Gremha noticed while listening from within the hut the same tone of voice from Grandfather in the question to the visitors as he had the previous morning when gaining control of Cha and her stallion.

Then one of these three strangers responded, “We mean you no ill will sir.  We are in search of our general’s prized black stallion.  People from the village down below told us she traveled north with a horse owned by you.  They also told us of your greatness as a warrior and as a general long ago in our Emperor’s army.  We noticed you contain both of these horses in your pen.  It is our desire to return with our general’s horse, as well as your blessings, and no harm from us.  I say this while expressing great honor to you for your previous service to our Great Emperor as we have all three heard great stories of your prowess and greatness in battle.”

Again Grandfather, as he did the previous morning, without saying a word, walked silently toward the pen.  He then opened the gate and walked directly to Cha as he grabbed a rope to restrain her for, he knew she would experience great disappointment when the stallion was removed. 

As these soldiers followed, Grandfather said, “Please take your general’s stallion.  Also, give him my blessings in the clouds of coming strife.”

The three men approached as two of them had ropes of their own and began to harness the mighty stallion much to his distress.  Grandfather led Cha from the pen as she was becoming more agitated as the men progressed.  He led her over to the door of the hut, opened it and instructed Gremha to mount and ride Cha into the forest.  Gremha did exactly as Grandfather instructed.  As the visitors completed their task of gaining control of the stallion, they each mounted their horses.   The apparent leader rode closer to Grandfather and spoke once more, “We will tell our general of your gracious cooperation.  It has been an honor to meet the great man whose name is often spoken of at campfires with much reverence.”  

 Grandfather spoke, “It is my honor to be of service gentlemen.  Tell me, are the winds of war strong in the southern plains?”

The warrior responded, “It is not necessarily the opposing tribes that are causing the greatest unrest at the moment. It is the word of a coming plague in the northeastern villages that are most concerning.  We hear it is causing great sickness and many unexpected deaths.”

“Blessings to you each in your safe return and ‘Thank You’ for your wisdom and insight.” responded Grandfather.

As Grandfather went to check on Tay, feed her, and clean her pen, he returned her once more to her original pen.  He then walked up the slope to check on the Tu plantings.  The plantings were as he anticipated they should be.  He then prepared the watering bags and then to take Tay to the river in order to begin the watering.  As Gremha’s 14th birthday was now approaching, the coming spring rains would arrive soon thereafter.  Grandfather then saw Gremha and Cha riding through the opening to the forest.  As they rode toward Grandfather and Tay, Gremha still had many questions.

While Grandfather was filling the leather bags with water and loading them on each side of Tay’s back, Gremha asked, “Why did those men take the stallion.”

Grandfather responded, “Gremha, the stallion was not ours to keep.  The desire of Cha and the stallion to be together did not override the responsibilities of man.  The stallion was owned by the general of the Emperor’s army.  These men were instructed to seek his return and it was our responsibility to comply.  I know that Cha was disappointed, but the stallion was not our direction.  As I mentioned earlier and yesterday, desire many times leads us from our life’s direction.  Many times, people become distracted by the allure of this world.  They become deaf to the inner world that is discovered through meditation and prayer.  It is only when one activates these abilities, listens to the inner voice, and observes the inner light that we grow in Grace.  It would have been very easy to get distracted by the desires of Cha and the stallion.  Many times, in life we are drawn to the distractions of the negative emotions of the heart.  We must learn to temper these negative emotions as well as all of the distracting desires of the ego.  We need to employ discipline to maneuver through this life.  We need to reign in these negative emotions and desires, temper this ego, subdue the ensuant anger, and overcome our permeating fears.” 

Grandfather paused momentarily as Gremha began to load up bags of water on Cha’s back as well.  Grandfather continued, “This ties into your question this morning to start the day, Gremha.  Most of all, fear emanates from the many areas held within our minds and then resides in our hearts squeezing out joy and harmony.  As we develop our ability to listen to the inner voice, we reflect on all the reasons why fear is a waste of time.  We learn just how senseless fear is when we understand there is nothing to fear at all.  When be believe in the power of the Great Spirit of Life, we develop faith in the unknown forces of Grace.  We learn that fear is just the absence of Grace.”

As Grandfather and Gremha finished filling all the leather bags with water, they each then led Cha and Tay up the hill for the Tu watering.  Grandfather continued, “Gremha, Gavi will one day teach you of the Son of God.  This man will be born many years into the future and be a total representation of that which I speak.  Just as I train you, my grandson, this man will train all of mankind in the Love, Grace and Forgiveness of the Great Sacred Spirit of God.  He will be the full expression of God Himself in all that He represents.  He will teach of that which I am briefly covering now, but for now my responsibility is to teach you as much as possible before I leave this world to be reunited with your mother and my wife.”

As Gremha walked, he momentarily began to wonder how Grandfather could possibly know about what God wants done many years into the future.  

Grandfather then said, “Gremha, I know this information I share with you may be overwhelming at the moment, but it seeds future meditative contemplations.  Always remember, meditation can be both inner reflection as well as the mindful meditation of yesterday morning.  Each contributes to your loving joy and your expanded conscious awareness of intellect.  Grace is then rewarded and fully reflected in the joy displayed through the positive expression of the heart and the expanded awareness of the mind.  It takes much work to get there, but it first begins through you questioning your sadness and your fears this morning.  Also, sharing them as you expressed them this morning with me is so very important.  Never stop these questions.  Never stop sharing them and discussing them with those you love.  These questions and discussions with loved ones strengthen the individual links in the chain of your belief and understanding.  As they become strengthened, your fear and negative thinking subside.  It is like the weeding of a garden.  When we pull the weeds in the garden of the heart and we answer the perplexing and troubling questions of the mind, we then delicately cultivate the flourishing growth of Grace and its life sustaining love, compassion, and joy.  Just remember Gremha; fear and negative thinking constrict your heart and your awareness, while joy and happiness expands them.”

Gremha was astounded at how much was happening since the return from the ocean shore.  How simple life seemed back then.  It feels like such a long time ago.




Chapter 11

As Above, So Below

“Grandfather, I will be 14 years old in the morning! exclaimed Gremha.  I am so excited!  Can we go down the river and visit the village tomorrow in celebration?”

Grandfather was just completing the last of the gardening located to the south of the Tu plantings.  Even though both he and Gremha worked very hard to get the Tu plantings started, they also maintained a garden for themselves and their needs.  Grandfather replied, “Well Gremha, would you believe me if I said that once you turn 14 and become a man that you would no longer celebrate birthdays?”

Gremha’s face looked as bewildered as could be.  He responded to the dry comments, “You have got to be kidding Grandfather!  I work very hard and question very little for I have great respect and love for you and all that you know.  One day a year, on my birthday, can we relax and go enjoy the company of the people in the village at the market?!”

“Yes, I suppose you are right.” Grandfather answered.  All along knowing he was just trying to get a reaction from Gremha.  He knew this was just the appropriate time to relax and enjoy themselves as they had both worked so hard to get all the plantings completed. 

Gremha looked so perplexed.  Cha must have sensed Gremha’s bewilderment as well because there was heard an instantaneous loud neigh from the animal pen.  Grandfather then let out a sly smile as he turned to hide his delight.  “Grandfather! Gremha shouted.  Why do you tease me?  I will be 14 years of age in the morning.  I will be a man for the first time!”

Grandfather stopped, turned to Gremha and said, “Yes, Gremha, you will become a man tomorrow.  Your first day of manhood begins your first day of great responsibility.  Men evolve into manhood on their 14th birthday and evolve from that of a child.  Manhood demands each day you use all that you have learned for 14 years to make decisions that will affect you for the rest of your life.  Men no longer rely on their parents to wash them, feed them, or protect them.”

“I am still here with you, however Gremha.  Since God has not taken me from you yet, I suppose we can start your journey into manhood with one fun filled day at the village.” Grandfather said.  As Grandfather completed his words, a big frown etched sternly on his face slowly grew into a seldom seen full smile. 

“Grandfather, I love you so much, but sometimes you frustrate me!” Gremha shouted as he walked toward the hut.  

It had been numerous months since Gremha, and Grandfather had returned from the ocean.  It had been quite some time since they planted the Tu seeds as well.  The Tu had begun to break through the earth several days before.  Grandfather had always mentioned that seedlings needed to take root prior to the spring rainy season.  Breaking through the topsoil of the earth was the sign that the root system had been developing for a while.  

Gremha was gaining great skill in his newly developed meditation practice as the Tu seedlings were forming.  Both he and Grandfather would meditate each day prior to sunrise and then at nightfall to conclude the day.  Just after completing the preparation for the evening fire Gremha asked, “Grandfather, why do we meditate inside our hut in the morning and then once in the evening?”

Grandfather responded while he was preparing the evening brew, “When we return from the village tomorrow, we will change our premeditation brew.” appearing to ignore Gremha’s question.  “We will stop adding the mushrooms to the blend of roots, grasses, seeds, and tree bark and begin to replace them with the freshly bloomed hibiscus flowers.  The mushrooms keep the negative winter spirits from settling internally within our bodies.  Now with the coming of the wet spring and summer seasons, the hibiscus flowers will keep the hot and wet spirits from settling inside of us.” 

“Thank you, Grandfather.  That is good to know.  Now, did you hear my question?” Gremha asked with a smile.

“Absolutely, Gremha! Grandfather began while smiling in a loving supportive manner, When the sun rises, the whole of nature awakens.  We do the same. The sun slowly rises each day in the eastern sky.   We comfortably face its direction to begin the morning meditation.  All of nature shifts its spirit in a like fashion slowly, comfortably, and automatically.  With our rejuvenating hot morning brew and the comfort of our warm morning fire, with the protection of our hut from heaven’s elements, we comfortably ease into our meditation.   We join in nature’s efforts.  We join in nature’s morning transition from night today.  Our conscious awareness and the whole of nature meet.  The whole of our bodies becomes active through our sensory system along our backbone.  We energize each of our 7 energy centers including the garden of our heart.  Our soul finds liberation and freedom with the ensuing worship of the Sacred Spirit of God in a loving joy filled prayer of thanksgiving and gratefulness.”

Grandfather took a long sip of his freshly brewed hot beverage and continued, “When the sun sets, the whole of nature contracts much as the flower does each day to protect its inner core.  Everything in nature withdraws and goes to sleep.  We do as well in order to unlock the hidden magical gardens of our hidden spirit.  As we are energized from our daily activities at this time and probably outdoors, it is best to just stop wherever we are and meditate at that moment to honor the Sacred Spirit and give thanks for the opportunity to serve throughout that day.  It is probably best to finish the day in the hut with meditation, but sometimes this can’t be done.   Our meditation is not quite as long at sunset as there is more activity at that time in comparison to the morning before sunrise.”

“The day is separated from the night.  Grandfather continued.  Together they join us in our meditation to complete the whole.  This is when the two halves of nature’s whole come together.  We gain special assistance in our meditation at these times.  Our efforts are amplified because all the energies of the sun and moon work in unison similar to the effects of the new moon energies.   The best time for meditation is sunrise and sunset. The Sacred Spirit converges specifically with man and nature at this time to guide us.  Our meditation and prayers are enhanced without any special effort at these times.  It is important to start and end each day with special attention because this is when all of the energies of the Sacred Spirit connect with this world.  Whatever we do within the morning sunrise period and whatever we do during the evening sunset period takes specific significance in Heaven.  It is like a heavy spring rain that is most intense with the loudest thunder and the crack of intense blistering lightening.  It is similar to the coldest mountain snow with the deadliest bone chilling winds.  It is in the morning when the stars are fading, but the sun has not yet risen, and in the evening when the stars have only just appeared, before they shine that God touches our brow and kisses our soul.  These are the parts of the day when the stars and the sun alternate control of Heaven’s fingers upon earth and its inhabitants.

Grandfather then said, ” We must now begin meditation Gremha, for the sun is about to set.  I would like you to lead this session on the eve of your 14th birth day to signify your coming manhood.”

Gremha proudly sat a little straighter than normal while emphasizing his directive spirit and said, “Thank you Grandfather.  I would like to take this time to honor you and the 14 years you have spent with me, loving me, and guiding me.  I am truly blessed to have had your guidance and love in my life.  You have mentioned that Gavi had told you much is expected of me in the years to come.  It is only fitting that this is so because I have had you as my grandfather.  I have heard you say many times, ‘Where much is given, much is expected’, and I so agree.  It will be my honor to share with this world all you have taught me.”  

With that Gremha led Grandfather on a wonderfully loving meditation focusing on the image of Grandfather in the cycle of selfless desire while in the honor of the surrendered breath.  Gremha could not see it at the time, but periodically there would be a tear roll down Grandfather’s cheek. 

Upon completion of the morning meditation Grandfather stated, “I am pleased and honored to have you as my Grandson.” Grandfather knew Gremha was ready for his new journeys.  He was ready to find Gavi once more.  Grandfather then finished the last of his now cool morning beverage.  He sensed and could feel that his time on this earth was soon to be coming to an end. 

With those thoughts Grandfather said, “Gremha, tomorrow on the evening of your first day of manhood we will return from the village.  You will then begin a new evening meditation ceremony.  Upon reaching manhood, the evening meditation is very different than the meditation of the morning.  This morning meditation which Gavi and I have taught you is a loving kindness meditation to start your day.  It reflects the yin of all that exists.  It reflects the love of your mother.  This is the love that I have been bound to cultivate and share with you.  Its sole purpose is to quiet the mind in order to open the heart.  We then discover Grace at its very fundamental beginnings; its core so to speak.  This Grace connects us to the Loving Sacred Spirit of God.  Grace is greater than love.  It is more exalted than compassion.  It reaches deeper than happiness or joy.  It is more precious than knowledge.  It is supreme to all things of the universe.  It’s only peer, however, is wisdom, the wisdom of God alone.  Grace is the function of God, the Holy Spirit.  Grace is how the Holy Spirit of God connects with our hearts as mortals in this life.  The wisdom of God that balances Grace is found in the evening meditation.  It is the yang of God.  We experience it as intuitive knowing.  It is only through our act of forgiveness that we can open the heart in the morning meditation and discover God’s Grace. The evening meditation will teach you forgiveness.  It will offer your insight into intuitive knowing as well.  It will allow the heart to open and bloom.  It will allow you to gain and absorb the wisdom of God in order to balance the negativity of life.  Tomorrow you will see, for the first time the great negativity of life.  You will see how men are deaf to their inner Spirit.  You will observe how the desires of this world distract us from the desires of and for Grace and Forgiveness.  The greatness held within you can only arise by combining all of Heaven and Earth through the morning and evening meditations.  Upon reaching manhood and all that you will encounter moving forward, you will need to begin the forgiveness meditation.  I will lead you upon it on the evening of your birth day. I tell you this now because much of what you will encounter tomorrow in the village will invoke great disruption within you both mentally and emotionally.  Tomorrow is a celebration of your birth, but it is also your first encounter into your new journey through life.  Your perspective of life will now be seen through the eyes of an adult.  You will begin to encounter many days like this moving forward into manhood.  These secrets will be many of the sacred secrets that allowed me to become the successful commander and general of vast armies over my lifetime.  This new meditation is very simple but so profound.  It reflects Heaven above.  It unlocks the Heaven above as you see it, as you believe.  A great man once taught me many years ago that your life is shaped by the end you live for.  He said we are each made in the image of what we desire.  The desire for Grace in the morning and then Wisdom in the evening will lead you to your destiny.  These meditations and the ensuing prayers will teach you that in order for you to be successful in your adult life you will need to look at the positive throughout the day.  You will have a glimpse of this tomorrow.  You will see how it can be very difficult to do in light of all that you encounter.  I have found that throughout all of the ill will that has come my way over the years, the only way for me to overcome it is through the courageous and selfless act of forgiveness.  It allows me to let go of all the negativity that the ill will of others is intended to convey.  Most follow the way of the negative.  They reflect and hold to the negative through the encounters they have in life.”

Grandfather concluded, “You, my dear Grandson are meant to follow a different path.  You are destined to be Gremha, The Compassionate Warrior.” 




Chapter 12

Birth Day – April 26, 2736 BC

The next morning, as Gremha awoke he was so excited as he had reached the milestone of his young life.  He was a man.  It was the day to commemorate his 14 years of life.  He jumped up to share his joy with Grandfather only to see that Grandfather’s bed was empty.  The fire was unlit.  The brew was unmade, and Grandfather was gone!  Gremha panicked for a moment until he heard Grandfather’s voice coming from outside the hut.

“Yes, I know.” said Grandfather to himself as he was walking towards the hut from the Tu fields.  He lifted his eyes to see the silhouette and faint outline of Gremha standing at the door of the hut.

“Who are you talking to?” asked Gremha.

Grandfather, as he does many times, ignored Gremha’s question to say, “I have Cha ready for our birthday journey to the village.”

Almost forgetting his bewildered state and question, “Are we not taking Tay with us.”

“Tay will stay back with our wilderness dogs as company.  They will protect our hut and keep each other safe as they have similar spirits,” replied Grandfather. 

Through the numerous years of Tay’s life with Grandfather and Gremha, he had befriended the wild semi-domesticated dogs that protected the area.  Tay allowed them to sleep in his stall whenever they wanted.  Some had even given birth to their many pups in his stall.  There seemed to be a kindred spirit between them, almost as if they each could do for the other only what they dreamt of doing for themselves.

“May I lead this morning’s meditation before we leave?” asked Gremha.

Grandfather responded, “I expect nothing else on the day beginning the 14th year of your birth.” 

Grandfather was happy that Gremha was embracing his first day of manhood with enthusiastic zeal and determination.  He also knew what the day held to challenge that awakening positive spirit of life.  It was a turning point in life for both Gremha and Grandfather.  The unknown answer to Gremha’s earlier question to start the morning was weighing heavily on Grandfather’s mind.  It was a joyous beginning to the day, but for Grandfather it was much like the preparation in order to start an invasion of an enemy during a momentous battle of old.

Upon completion of the fire, the morning brew, and the new day’s meditation, Gremha and Grandfather said goodbye to Tay and began their celebratory journey.

While passing along the shore of the mighty river on their path to the village, Grandfather felt very proud of Gremha’s growing skill at leading their meditation.  Grandfather could see himself in Gremha’s young determined spirit.  He could also see the eager tender loving spirit of Gremha’s mother.  The love Grandfather held within his heart was insurmountable.  The concern for the future outcome of the day as well held Grandfather’s confident yet mindful attention.

As both Grandfather and Gremha travelled the beaten path next to the river, they could hear the sounds of the running water hitting the many rocks and boulders dispersed along the river’s powerful current.  It was a bright sunny day with a few clouds passing overhead.  The heavy overgrowth of the forest contained the sounds of many various birds signaling the approach of the two warriors, young and old.  Grandfather let Gremha lead the way holding Cha’s rope.  Cha was loaded with many of the roots, bark, and herbs contained in the premeditation brew the two shared twice daily.  She also carried the packs of many flowers that were just beginning to bloom at the higher altitude of the mountain slopes.  The village market would be robust on this bright spring day and many would be excited to purchase or trade for the delicacies held within Cha’s cargo.  

All the while, Grandfather reviewed in his head the early morning conversation with his unexpected visitor.  Then the long traveling silence of the journey ended.  Gremha said, ” I have been thinking about much that you have shared over the last several weeks while planting the Tu along with our own personal gardens.  I am troubled by what you said when you discussed the idea that many of the outside world are ‘deaf’ to the inner voice contained within them.  You have said that they only listen with their physical ears and see with their physical eyes.  As we travel to the market today, can you share with me what you mean?”

Grandfather hurried his pace so he could hear clearly all that Gremha was saying.  The sounds of the river were becoming louder and louder even to the point of drowning out the many forest sounds.  Grandfather then answered, “Gremha, we are each born into this world through desire, the first letter in the word ‘deaf’.  It is only natural for that desire to be expressed in many ways.  The new born child expresses desire for food, warmth, and comfort through their many cries.  The baby learns to build its ego through the means with which its many needs and desires are met and satisfied.  This new born child then learns both anger and fear through its ability or inability to achieve satisfaction.  This child soon develops personality and awareness through growing skills and abilities.  As the child grows, it cultivates this awareness through the gates of the senses of the human body.  These gates are composed of the physical ears to hear, the physical eyes to see, the physical nose to smell, the physical mouth to taste, and the physical skin to feel.”

Grandfather continued, “This young child in turn soon senses that there is much more to the world than the physical gifts.  The child is beginning to hear the sounds from a distant inner voice.  Just as with any skill or talent though, this inner voice has to be disciplined and developed   Most humans learn to ignore the distant yearning of the inner voice and rely only on the physical senses as they are the ones that offer immediate satisfaction much as the baby learns with their many cries early in life.  Most humans go through life learning to ignore the wealth offered by the pursuit of this inner journey.  As they rely only upon the stimulation of the many physical senses, they fail to fully develop the potential contained within their soul.  It is the cultivation of the soul through meditation that one overcomes the limitations of this world and the limitations imposed by the prison of the physical body.”

Grandfather continued, “I have been blessed with the opportunity to learn this within my lifetime and you have been further blessed to learn this as well.  You Gremha, have an added advantage as you completed the conquering of this world within your past incarnation.  You learned in your previous lifetime the skill of overcoming this world.  Now you have been born 14 short years ago to become a new warrior, a compassionate warrior.  I have taught you how to cultivate your heart.  I have taught you to listen to that inner voice.  This inner voice speaks to us through the love held within our hearts.  Your grandmother taught me to listen to my inner voice.  I taught your mother and now I have taught you.  Gavi will soon be instructing you how to combine the Wisdom of the Sacred Spirit of God to that inner voice.  Tonight, I will lead you in a new evening meditation upon our return from the village.  It will incorporate both Grace and Wisdom as its goal.  Grace opens up to us through the love held within our hearts when we meditate.  Upon the flowering of this love and in turn Grace, we then unlock the door to God’s Wisdom through forgiveness.  Forgiveness teaches us how to let go of the physical deafness limiting our soul.  It teaches us humility.  When we combine the unconditional love of our hearts with the conscious choice and effort to forgive, we touch the full Grace and Wisdom of God.  This effort is completed through the ensuing cultivation of the Prayer of Life.  This world Gremha is God’s Garden.  We are his farmers.  We toil in His Garden until we truly understand that we grow his seeds, not our own.  This Prayer of Life is for the next branch of your soul’s journey.  Gavi will soon lead you on this path.”  

“Today though Gremha, you will see how humans live choosing to neglect their inner voice.  You will see the behavior brought about by living deaf to the greater part within,” Grandfather said while noticing the first sounds of the village market activity.



Chapter 13

The Village

The village bordered the northern exposure of the great river.  The market was set up throughout the main corridor of the village with buildings and huts of different sizes and conditions surrounding it on both sides.  This main corridor stretched to connect with the path that Grandfather, Gremha, and Cha were traveling just outside and to the west of the busy bustling market.  It appeared that many people from the surrounding area were also visiting the village on this warm sunny spring day. 

Gremha said as they entered the village, “Look Grandfather, all these people came to celebrate my birthday!”

Grandfather, however, was on a mission.  As he ignored Gremha’s youthful exuberance Grandfather responded by saying, “We will first visit Tamurai today.  My good friend To works there.  He was with me during my many campaigns throughout the rule of your father’s kingdom.  He was such a formidable field commander.  Much of his ingenuity and cleverness helped us achieve victories in many of our decisive cavalry assaults.  We learned the many methods of successful war strategy together coming up through the ranks.  The ways of the Sacred Spirit of God; he knows as well.  It will be good to see him once more.  I look forward to introducing the two of you.  Too much time has passed since the two of us have visited.”

As Grandfather led the way in the direction of this place called Tamurai, Gremha looked at the many sights that lined the village market.  He first noticed a group of men arguing intensely as others were in competition throwing axes and knives at large leather targets.  Men were exchanging what appeared to be money as others yelled and shouted as the various weapons were flung in the direction of these targets.  As Gremha then looked at what appeared to be a butcher shop bordering this competitions area, he could see rather large women in bloody white aprons selling large pieces of animal parts to the men that were visiting their table.  Next to them, there appeared to be a vendor selling a variety of what appeared to be alcohol in bottles.  There were several men tugging at the bottles as the merchant tried to find calm amongst the commotion.  Across the main corridor was a rather large building painted yellow with a gaudy weather worn sign on the roof.  The sign read, “The Yellow Garden”.  Outside of the Yellow Garden were several very beautiful women sitting on the front porch dressed in what appeared to be under garments exposing varying degrees of their anatomy.  Several men were walking in through the front door while counting and exchanging monies seemingly won at the weapons throwing competitions.

As Gremha’s attention wandered through the various displays and activities of the village market, Grandfather raised his voice to hurry Gremha’s pace.  Grandfather exclaimed, “Hurry Gremha.  We are only here for a short time today!”  Grandfather revealed a small portion of the knowledge he learned earlier that same morning by making this statement.  He then tied Cha up to a post outside of the building called Tamurai.

As Grandfather led Gremha through the Tamurai door, they each noticed a drastic sense of calm contained within its four walls.  This calm was very surprising as it significantly contrasted the sense of chaos and tumult in the village market.  There appeared to be a large area to the left holding about 12 silent individuals being led in meditation by an old baldheaded man in the corner.  Gremha wondered if that was Grandfather’s friend To.  Just then a distinguished looking little gray-haired lady touched Grandfather’s arm lightly, stretched her torso, and whispered into his ear.  She next led Grandfather into another part of the building while Gremha in turn followed.  As this attractive and stately gray-haired woman seemed to glide with ease contained within her long silky robe, Gremha was amazed at how much quieter Tamurai was from the loud contentious market outside.  This peaceful little lady then pushed back a brightly colored heavy curtain covering a large doorway.  As they entered the room, their little curious stately guide departed through the back of a dimly lit room holding a mighty wooden table with several men seated.  Through the flickering light of a stoked fireplace and several assorted candles placed throughout the top of the heavy wooden table, one of the men stood to greet Grandfather.  Grandfather reached out to embrace this man who was about the same height and age as Grandfather but with a much larger build and a black beard contrasting Grandfather’s smokey white facial growth.  It appeared as if they both had fond affection for each other.

Grandfather said, “Hello To.  Am I interrupting your meeting?”

This large framed man responded, “It is so good to see you again General.  It has been far too long.  Is this young man your grandson?  I remember years ago that your daughter had given birth to a boy soon after the exile from the kingdom” 

“Yes, he is called Gremha,” Grandfather replied.  “He is 14 today.”

“Well, it is an honor to meet you on your first day of manhood Gremha,” said To.

“Thank you, sir,” responded Gremha.

“And as for your question my General, you do not interrupt our discussion as these men were actually here asking about you,” To said.

Upon that response, Gremha turned his head to look at the three men seated directly across from where the greetings were being exchanged.  Gremha recognized these three men as the same ones that visited their hut several weeks ago when Cha brought home the large black stallion.

“Please sit General and Gremha,” said To.  “These men have quite a story to tell and I will let them tell it, as much of it will concern you.

“Hello General,” said the chiseled faced soldier.  As he continued, he adjusted his posture in his chair and the men seated at his sides did the same in unison.

Grandfather did not move.  Nor did he take his gaze away from the soldier speaking.

“As you know from our last meeting, we are of the Emperor’s personal security detail.  Our Emperor has died.  He has been taken by the plague that invades us from the north.  The General of our army has been infected as well.  We do not expect him to be alive upon our return from this journey.  There is much fear within our army as well as our nation.  The Emperor’s son has taken over rulership of our nation upon his father’s passing.  His advisors have instructed us to reach out to you as you are the only individual with the experience and wisdom to lead our great nation through this time of trouble.  We have stopped at Tamurai first as we were aware To was once a great commander within your revered army command.  We felt compelled to discuss our approach as we have great reverence and respect for you.  We are here for his advice.  We had no idea you would be joining him here.  We were to be traveling to your home in the morning with this information,” explained the warrior soldier.

Grandfather did not appear surprised by this information.  He looked as if he was expecting it.  Grandfather then responded with the single question holding no sense of emotion and eliciting no movement of any kind, “Are you not aware that I and my family are in exile from your nation?”

The warrior soldier then said, “Yes sir.  The new Emperor has instructed us to tell you that your exile imposed by his father is lifted and you and your family are free to return to our nation with your full authority and the same privileges bestowed as Supreme General over all of his armies reinstated.”

“I do not see how my reinstatement as the General of the Emperor’s armies will do you any good in the fight of the plague.” Grandfather replied while still appearing to be coldly amused by these three stalwart yet menacing warriors.

“There is more sir,” said the soldier.  “The northern tribes from where the deadly plague originated are banding together to form a great army.  The new young Emperor’s advisors believe their invasion is imminent.”

Grandfather paused a moment as his piercing gaze tilted downward toward the flame of one of the older long burning candles.  He then turned toward Gremha with his eyes expressing all the love held within his breaking heart.  Gremha seemed to instantly know what it was that had been troubling Grandfather from early this morning.  Grandfather had known the 14-year journey of loving and teaching Gremha was soon to end.  The time Gavi had discussed two seasons last was at hand.   

After several moments of unspoken communication, Grandfather turned toward these three men, stood, and said, ” I will give you my answer in the morning.”



Chapter 14

A Time to Honor

The leader of the three warriors acknowledge Grandfather’s words.  They thanked To for his hospitality, turned, and existed Tamurai through the same back door the little gray-haired lady went through earlier.

To broke the remaining heavy silence by saying, “I am sure you are both hungry and thirsty from your long journey into the village.”

Grandfather replied, “Yes, we are, but before we settle to have a meal, I would like to take Gremha on a visit of the Village.  May we join you for that meal in a short while?”

With that said and a confirmation nod from To, Grandfather led Gremha out the front door of Tamurai.  They passed the same group of people still in their meditation setting.  While making little noise, the two travelers passed through the front door to find a fight taking place over at the target competition.  Gremha was amazed how Tamurai was able to maintain its silent and peaceful atmosphere while the outdoor activity was extremely loud and disruptive.  Grandfather untied Cha and motioned Gremha to follow him past The Yellow House to avoid the fight.  Gremha embarrassingly looked away from the growing number of scantily clad women lounging on the front porch of The Yellow House.  Several of these women attempted to flirt with Gremha as they passed.  A few attempted to call out to Gremha and Grandfather in various ways.  One even offered Gremha a free pass on her services due to his youth and virile good looks.  Grandfather ignored the flirtatious activity while he passed as Gremha did as well.  As the two walked toward a clearing close to the great river’s banks, Gremha noticed numerous fishing boats traveling a slower tributary of the river.

As Grandfather sat on the riverbank, his eyes engaged its panoramic beauty while Cha attempted to graze on the long green vegetation bordering the shore.  As Gremha also gazed out over the vast river before them, Grandfather said, “Gremha, early this morning prior to you waking, I visited the Tu fields in order to conduct my own personal meditation.  Several moments into this meditation I was visited by Gavi.  While she joined me in meditation, she brought to my attention the direction of your development as well as the pending visit of the three warrior soldiers.  She had known of their journey as well the activities far to the east within their kingdom.  Upon completion of the meditation, she expressed how pleased she was with our efforts and successful conclusion in the planting of the Tu seeds.”

While Grandfather paused in order for Gremha to absorb the message, Gremha responded, “Will you be going with the soldiers to their kingdom?” 

Grandfather did not respond but sat only in silence.  Gremha turned his head to elicit Grandfather’s response, but saw tears building in his eyes.  Grandfather dropped his head as the tears began to stream down his face to find rest in his thick bold grey beard.

After a while had passed, Grandfather said, “Gavi told me what was about to take place today at Tamurai.  She identified that our time together on this earth was coming to completion tomorrow morning.  She knew that in order for me to complete my destiny within this lifetime, I would need to find honor for our family in accepting the invitation to rule the great army of the new young Emperor.  This honorable return to my previous role of General of the Emperor’s Army would also erase the exile for you moving into your future adult existence.  It would not only complete my destiny but would also allow you the freedom to move freely within the kingdom should you choose during your lifetime.  Your life would not be limited to that of exile.  You would find honor and nobility within the Emperor’s kingdom as well, not necessarily in title but in family.  That honor and glory is so important for the destiny of our family.  To complete this life in an honorable fashion is that which Gavi knew was the necessary path for my soul.  It would restore honor and distinction to your mother and father also.  To begin your life as an adult with an honorable position was necessary for the journey of your soul.  The foundation of your young life has been built on a foundation of love and humble respect for all of nature’s way.  The foundation and bedrock of your adult journey would be established in a highly respected manner within the kingdom of your father’s nation.”

As Grandfather was explaining this, Gremha had buried his head into his hands sobbing while listening.  Upon completion of Grandfather’s words, there was a silence broken only by the running river water and the sounds of the market seeming as if they were coming from another world, another time.  Gremha’s response reflected the state of Grandfather’s breaking heart felt earlier back at Tamurai.  To know and to understand the necessity of Grandfather accepting the Emperor’s invitation was clear.  The pain of this transition through life held such great sorrow for both.  The love and affection these two souls shared made Grandfather’s impending departure so much more difficult. 

Gremha then sat straight, gathered himself, and turned to face Grandfather.  In a response expressing Gremha’s new found maturity and adulthood he said, “Grandfather, you have taught me that to unlock the love held silent within our hearts is the most noble of responsibilities.  In this lifetime of instruction, I have learned that the sacredness of this love is not ours to possess.  It must flow through us as it is an expression of The Great Sacred Spirit of God.  I have been so very blessed to have you as my Grandfather and to love you and learn this from you.  You make me proud in that you have such a great noble history.  You are such an honored and respected General.  It is my privilege to have had you love me for the first 14 years of my life.  I have been blessed by The Great Sacred Spirit to have been able to love you and learn this message from you.  The greatest of gifts that you have shared with me is the example of your great virtue, your great love, and your great wisdom.  Your choice is imminent in the fact that our nation needs you.  Their leaders understand that it is only you that can guide them from their doom.  They and now I, understand that it is only you that can give them hope for tomorrow.  We are both honored in this choice.  Your destiny is now laced with that of my father’s kingdom.  In this choice my father and mother live in honor for this day you are no longer just my Grandfather, you are my General as well.”

As the sun sprang forth from the cover of a large foreboding cloud to seemingly energize the moment, Gremha concluded, “You will always be on my mind Grandfather and will forever be in my heart.  I thank you Grandfather for your love and dedication to my mother by devoting yourself to my love, care, and training.  Please honor our family on this 14th year of my birth and choose to go with these soldiers.  This day moving forward will now always be a time to honor my Grandfather and the heritage he has so selflessly offered.  Your departing and absence will be temporary for your memory will always rest in my soul.”

 As Grandfather was listening, he was realizing Gremha was no longer a little boy.





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