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…..I sat, but to my surprise, heard a soft, yet commanding voice say, “Please sit closer Gremha.”

Gavi, Tea, and Meditation

I was not only pleased that she requested my presence, but shocked that she knew my name.  As I again approached this lovely yet puzzling creature, I asked the question, “How do you know my name?”  What happened next was the most amazing and shocking thing I had ever heard.

“My name is Gavi, she said.  Please sit near me.”  As I took a seat close to her she continued, “I am called by many names but for those I love, I go by Gavi.  It means “God is my strength.”

If I could have seen my face, I am sure my jaw was close to touching the sand.  …..”those I love?”, I silently repeated to myself. 

My bewildered stare could have lasted for days until Gavi broke the tingling silence by saying the following, “I am here so that you may continue your path of awakening.  Upon your last last journey to Earth we abruptly concluded.  You do not recall it though, as mortals do not retain memories of previous lifetimes, but I am here to change that mortal limitation for you.  Your efforts in this last incarnation have earned this path should you so choose to follow it for all souls have free will.  Yes, you are young as you are only 13 years of age in physical form, but your soul has traveled through many lifetimes.  I am here to solidify and remind you of that which you have already suspected in your young life.  You already know or sense your uniqueness.  Much of what your grandfather shares with you is new to your ears.  Yes, you are hearing it for the first time, but it seems only like a reminder of what you sense to already instinctively know.  He has guided you well and has prepared you for this new transition.   Your soul’s development and evolution is now about to unfold in a new direction.  It is ready to make a great transformation much as that of the caterpillar prior to becoming a butterfly.”

Again, I just stared at her as I was both amazed at her astonishing comments as well as her incredible, breathtaking beauty.  She then turned her head from gazing off into the distant sea and made eye contact with me.  As much as I trembled with what I was hearing, my soul froze as our eyes connected.  It was as if a fifth-dimensional force had locked onto my soul.  I don’t know how long our eyes made contact, but it felt as if time stood still.  The most soothing, calming and loving feeling I had ever experienced in my life pulsated throughout my being.  Her chocolate-brown eyes seemed to also express a powerful energy that reminded me of the very moment the morning sun breaks the distant horizon to start the day.  I can truly describe this power as excitingly captivating and riveting because it also expressed a feeling I can only describe as a tender yearning desire.  

Gavi then asked in a soft tone of voice, “Would you please share a warm beverage with me?”.

I had no idea what she meant.  “What?”, I asked myself.  Not knowing what else to say, I responded. “Yes”.

I then noticed sitting in front of this angelic beauty was a small, flameless fire of simmering, burning embers.  What appeared to be a small black iron kettle was sitting atop these pulsating red embers. The air above the red-hot coals was seemingly melting from the heat.  I had not noticed the fire when I had approached earlier, but it was as if it had been there for hours.  It was like it had just appeared as she asked the question.

This moment in time was unlike anything that I had ever experienced in my young existence.  In my full amazement and my speechless state of mind, I nodded in response.

In what appeared to fully materialize as Gavi reached to pour from the kettle, were two earthen cups. 

When she turned to offer a cup she said, “Please drink slowly with me, Gremha, and while you sip, listen to the rhythm of the rolling ocean waves.”

The warm beverage was very new to me.  It was soothing, a bit herbaceous and slightly bitter, but pleasant to the palate.

Time slowly passed and after several sips of the hot soothing beverage I heard these soft words, “Close your eyes and observe your breath.  Your breath flows free onto the shore of your being much as the ocean waves gently touch the shore of this cool, sandy beach.”

While following this direction, I sat in amazement!  Little had I expected to be sitting on the beach while awaiting the early morning sunrise, taking advice from someone so breathtaking that had such an impact and influence over me.  As I followed her direction though, the pace of my breath was slowly beginning to emulate the pace of each individual wave as it rolled in and then swept out from the shore.  It was as if the grand ocean itself was taking full control of my breathing.

The sound of Gavi’s voice entered my consciousness like a gentle breeze against my face. “Listen to the silence of your mind. Observe the stillness”, she said.

After another few moments, she said softly as if she had taken a position within my brain, “Listen to the silence of this moment. Observe its stillness while you follow your breath.”

I soon realized I could only faintly hear the sounds of waves slapping against the shoreline. The sea gulls overhead must have departed because there were now primarily only the sounds of my breath and those of the gentle lovely voice of Gavi.

Once again, her soft tender voice gently arose in my mind, “Value the fullness of your breath.  Embrace the shallow depths of its satisfying richness.”

Another space of time and then, “Be gentle with yourself, as your mind, at times, attempts to wander.  Slowly, yet patiently, return your awareness to your breath.”

As I noticed my breath, it began to fall into a slow calming pattern.  The pounding of my beating heart now began to slow its pace. With my breath growing deeper and slower, I again noticed the soothing sounds of the ocean waves.  They had calmed much as my breathing pattern had calmed over the last few minutes.  Their gentle rhythm was very much like the slow soothing rhythm of my breath.

My newly discovered inner voice again spoke, “Notice the air you are breathing embrace the heavy scent of the ocean’s salt in each inhale of breath. With each inhale feel the salt of the ocean’s waves cleansing each cell within your soul, attaching and magnetizing to every spec of negativity.”

And again, a silence …..

After a while the melodious voice of Gavi again spoke, “The salt air from far out to sea calmly rushes into your being and softly clings to every negative emotion, every negative thought and clears your mind and cleanses your heart.  With each exhale of the breath, you exhale all the negativity held within your body, mind, and soul. This negativity surrenders itself to the soul of the sea.”

And again, a pause lasting several minutes …..

And once again the beauty of the voice said, “With each exhale imagine all the worries of the previous day flowing out to the distant ocean.  Let the rolling ocean waves carry each exhale of your breath as well all the negativity far out to dissolve into the vast mysterious ocean’s depths. Gently merge with this moment in time.”

And again, a stillness as time passed …..

“And now, Gremha, begin to feel the awakening of your heart.  Embrace its contents.  Feel its tender love, for it is only when we quiet the mind, are we aware of the contents held deep within our hearts.  Our heart speaks to us in wavelike patterns.  It is through the ocean waves of our breath that we discover its depths.  Become soft in spirit holding onto nothing.  Just surrender.”

A wisp of a sound pretending to be Gavi’s soft sweet voice then slowly whispered in the wind, “Let go.  Just, let go Gremha.  When we settle our breath we in turn calm our mind.  Only through a calm mind does the heart open. The discoveries held within a loving heart are quite amazing.  Follow the heart as it now begins to guide you and lead you in your journey through life.”

After the longest time and after experiencing the deepest loving experience I, to this day, have ever known, I felt the caress of a soft ocean breeze against my face.  The morning sun, now breaking the plane of the horizon, shared its warm vivid gaze upon my face.  As my mind seemed to awaken with the heat of the morning sun, I wondered, “Is this real?”

I opened my eyes to see the brightness of a breathtaking morning sunrise.  I then looked to my left eager to see this wondrous presence in the break of the bright light of the morning sun. Who was this person that had just led me so beautifully into a calming and deeply loving meditation? 

She was gone! 

I was alone!

There were no remnants of a fire.   There was not even an impression in the sand where she once sat.

Did I imagine all of this?  Had I actually fallen asleep and dreamt it all? 

I was shocked that this vivid experience could have possibly been imaginary!

“But it was so real!” I told myself.

This was the first of many wondrous memories of my long and rewarding relationship with Gavi.  It was a relationship not confined to time or space, as she seemed to have full control of both.





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