Chapter 13 – Nature Honors a Great Spirit –

Much of the afternoon was spent traveling toward the mountainous home of Gremha and Grandfather.  It had been the only home Gremha had ever known.  It was a home shared only with Grandfather.  For 14 years Grandfather had taught Gremha all he knew of love, honor, and respect.  He had taught Gremha how to open his heart to all the wonderful gifts of nature.  He had instructed Gremha how and why to honor the animals of the forest in that they were each creatures of God’s creation to be loved and respected.  Nature and the animals of the forest reciprocated these affectionate efforts by protecting this place Gremha and Grandfather called home.  This was a home that was very much a part of the singular wilderness soul of all that lived there.

The sun was close to ending its daytime journey through the heavenly sky when these three weary travelers approached this place called home.  Gremha was looking forward to seeing Tay once again.  Grandfather was looking forward to feeling the spirit of the area he had lived in for the last 14 years.  Jian was glad the journey up the slow incline of the mountains was complete.  Jian was feeling the pain of a knee injury suffered in a battle of old.  Upon arriving, these three men went straight to the out building housed by Tay to get Cha the water and food he needed after their long trip.  What they saw surprised them all.  

Lying throughout the opening of this barn like building were hundreds of forest animals.  There were even predatory animals that had never been seen together anywhere in nature as well this home encampment.  Families of bears and mountain lions with their cubs, flocks of eagles, hawks, geese, owls, and smaller birds that were normally preyed upon, and also deer, rabbits, squirrels, foxes, reptiles, and even frogs and snakes filled the pasture in front of the building Cha and Tay called home.  As Grandfather was the first to walk into the sloped grassy area filled with the rays of the soon to be setting sun, all these curious forest animals stopped their wanderings, turned, and visually followed these three men into the barn.  There they saw masses of wild dogs with their cubs filling the enclosure.  Tay could be seen while turning to greet Grandfather’s outstretched hand.  Cha wandered up to nudge Tay in the side as if to say, “Hello good friend, I missed you.”  The wild dogs began then to wander out to join the hundreds of animals that filled the green pasture.

Gremha broke the silence of the moment by saying, “Grandfather, the forest must know of your decision to fight in the battles far away.  They sense your impending departure.  They are here to honor you.  Each appear to know of your greatness by the way in which you have honored and respected their lives and spirit nature .  It is as if each of them is connected to the timeless soul of life itself.  They are here to say, ‘goodbye’, Grandfather.”

Grandfather and Jian knew what Gremha was saying was correct.  In knowing this wisdom, Grandfather followed the dogs and their cubs out into the pasture with Jian close behind.  Gremha stayed to tend to the needs of Tay and Cha as well breath in the pleasure of being home.  It was good to have visited the village, but there was such an energized atmosphere of this area called home.  Gremha noticed it more when he had been away when visiting the village and the ocean.

Grandfather and Jian stood outside the barn to look over the illuminous sight of hundreds of wild animals now all standing and looking directly at Grandfather.  Gremha led Cha and Tay out of the barn to enjoy the sight.  After several moments of silence, Grandfather raised his right hand toward the heavens much as he had done for many years prior to leading his men into the charge of battle.  He raised his one finger and pointed upward to the sky and put the open palm of his left hand on his heart.  At that moment, all large and small birds took flight circling overhead.  The bears and their cubs stood and roared along with the mountain lions and their cubs.  The deer and smaller animals hit their hooves and paws on the ground continuously.  They then sprang up into the air periodically with emphasis heard through their loud callings.  The many wild dogs and wolves barked and howled in unison.  The hundreds of frogs were the loudest of all with an effort not to be out done by the larger and more noticeable forest predators.  There was so much commotion that even Cha and Tay took part while being held in place by Gremha’s strong hands.  It was as if these creatures of the forest were the soldiers and warriors Grandfather was soon to lead into battle.  These animals standing before him were united in honoring a great spirit of the forest.  The mighty powers of Heaven had been bestowed upon Grandfather, the General, by all the creatures of the wild. 

Grandfather dropped his outstretched hand from pointing toward Heaven.  He dropped it only to reach out and direct it with an open palm toward his mighty friends of the forest while still keeping the open palm of his left hand close to his heart.  Upon the completion of a tear rolling down Grandfather’s cheek losing its heaviness in the forest of his gray beard, the creatures of the forest Grandfather had loved so deeply for the last 14 years dispersed.  The birds flew in every direction.  The hooved creatures ran toward the open plain.  The wild bears and mountain lions walked slowly into the dark of the wooded jungle of trees followed by the snakes, frogs, and even thousands of various colored butterflies.  Many of the dogs stayed, but most creatures returned to the world as they knew it.

And so, the Spirit of the forest had spoken in one powerful expression of honor to a man that Gremha had loved for 14 complete and fulfilling years.  It was a tribute that only nature could give.

The sun was soon to set.  The sunset was also honoring Grandfather with the most beautiful hues of orange and red streaked with openings of golden tinged blue sky.  

Grandfather returned to the instruction he was so accustomed to, “Gremha, we need to water the Tu fields before our meditation.  We must also prepare the water and feed for Tay and Cha as well as prepare our evening meditation brew.  Tonight, let us brew just the leaves of the Tu.” 

Gremha responded, “You mean the ‘Cha’, don’t you Grandfather?”

“Oh, yes.  I stand corrected,” Grandfather replied remembering the agreement they had made with Lia to rename the Tu.

Soon, Grandfather and Gremha both traveled with buckets of water from the river.  They placed them on the backs Tay and Cha while Jian wrapped his old wound and recovered from his journey.   The Cha fields were awaiting their watering.  As they gained a closer view of the Cha plants, they noticed an amazing sight.  The Cha plants had doubled in size!  They were waving in unison in the late afternoon breeze.  It was as if all of nature was speaking to Grandfather this last afternoon before his departure.

Grandfather said, “Gremha, I have lived a blessed life.  I have loved like no man could possibly dream of loving and being loved.  Your grandmother was such an amazing woman.  She touched my heart in ways that you could only imagine.  To be loved by your mother, our only child, and to see the joy she had in carrying you to birth was a miracle.  Then to have been blessed by you as my grandson is a remarkable story.  My love for each of you was and is insurmountable however, my greatest love is that of my Father in Heaven for without His Love, none of this would have been possible.  It is only because of my love for Him and His love for me that this remarkable life has been possible.”

As Gremha and Grandfather began watering the Cha plants, Grandfather continued, “Never ever take the blessings of this life for granted, Gremha.  Always be humble and grateful. That is why we call them blessings.  Our love for God is returned to us in His Blessings of Grace.  That is how God loves us.  His love is expressed to us as Grace.  This Gracious Love of God is His gift to us.  It cannot be explained.  It is similar to the salute of the wild animals of the forest we saw earlier.  It is like the exceptional growth of these Cha plants.  We live our lives with the logic and reason gained through experience and effort, but there is no logic and reason of the heart.  The love of our hearts is plain and simple.  Love is love.  It is the greatest of human emotions.  It becomes the greatest of all forces in the universe when we give it unconditionally through an act called forgiveness.  Love must always find its balance.  It finds its true balance through forgiveness.  It then amplifies itself to its maximum when we give it unconditionally to the many creations of our Father in Heaven.  The Grace of God’s Love finds its balance in this action of forgiveness.  Forgiveness is His Will should we decide to accept it.  We don’t deserve it, but He continues to provide it regardless of how we live our lives.  Those that understand this and reciprocate are blessed as I have been blessed.”

“Tonight Gremha, I will teach you the Wisdom Prayer following a unique meditation that energizes our being just as our earth is energized by the sun and the moon.  One of you responsibilities throughout your life will be to find balance in all things opposite most importantly, a balancing of both the head and the heart.  The greater and more precise this balance, the greater and more fulfilling the life we live.  This personal and individual process begins with each morning meditation of the heart at dawn, completed with the setting sun’s meditation and the Wisdom Prayer.  This meditation and the ensuing prayer that follows express the wonder and magic of our hearts in the magical expression of God’s Grace.  This world we live in can only survive with God’s Grace.  The Grace of God is found in the silent stillness of this very moment.  It is found in that moment of stillness between each breath you take.  It is found in each and every pause between thoughts.  It is found in that precious moment in time just before we awake to start the day and just before we fall asleep at night.  It is found just before the morning sun crosses the plain of the horizon and just before it completes its daytime journey to cross beyond the western plain.  It is discovered in that silent moment of time during meditation and prayer where we join in silence and await God’s presence.  It finds us in the selfless humble extension of our love through forgiveness.  Many men including those I will soon be fighting with and against do not understand these concepts.  They live much the way that men and women of the village we visited today live.  They live with their senses as their guide.  Their lives are spent seeking pleasure and power as their sole destination throughout each day.  They are deaf to the inner Spirit of God.  They are consumed with the earthly emotions of the heart such as desire, anger, fear.  These fears keep them poised not in the fullness found in the present moment of time, but in the future imaginings of their mind.  Their ego is engulfed with the doubts fostered by the negative emotions of envy, greed, and pride.  These doubts return them into their past failures and away from the fullness and completeness of this very moment before them.  These earthly emotions are very destructive to our nature as God’s children.  When men and women follow these worldly feelings, they live a life of destruction.  The life of growth and fullness can only be found in this present moment.  That is where we find the very presence of the Great Sacred Spirit of God.  I have been blessed by God to have learned these things.  You have been blessed my dear grandson as well.  It is through the isolation found in our mountainous home for the last 14 years that you have been able to learn of these blessings.  Through the gift of isolation, brought about through exile we have been afforded the opportunity to cultivate your heart in the ways of the Kingdom of Heaven,” Grandfather concluded.

Gremha listened with a clear understanding of all that Grandfather was saying.  He knew that these next few hours were the last they would be spending together.  Gremha listened not only with his head, but also with his heart. 

“Grandfather?” said Gremha with inquisitive tone.

“Yes Gremha,” replied Grandfather.

“I love you with all my heart and all my soul,” said Gremha.

“I love you the very same Gremha,” replied Grandfather.

Gremha paused and lifted his eyes toward Heaven and said, “The many ways that the Great Spirit of God comes into our lives leads me to believe that you were brought to earth by Him for the sole purpose of my development and training.”

While Gremha dropped his eyes from Heaven, he turned toward Grandfather and continued,  “I know you have been and still are a great General, but I believe your greatest accomplishment was in my training and the loving of me for the last 14 years.  The love, respect, and admiration I have for you is timeless.  It is insurmountable.  It is the greatest blessing of my life.”

Grandfather stopped the watering of the Cha and said, “Gremha, this world can offer me no greater honor than that which you bestow upon me.  To have your full respect as well the fullness your loving heart is my greatest gift.  That statement makes my life complete.  I will cherish your memory in my heart, my mind, and my soul as long as I shall live.”

Gremha ran toward Grandfather to wrap his arms around him as they both held each other tightly.  After a few moments, Gremha said, “We must finish the watering Grandfather as I am sure Jian awaits our return and our evening meditation.”

Grandfather smiled as he took the harness of Tay and led him down the slope toward the awaiting Jian.  Gremha grabbed the rope tied to Cha and followed in rhythm.   As these proud loving men began their walk toward the huts Grandfather said, “Gremha, The Great Holy Spirit of God comes to us in many ways.  He comes to us in three specific ways in order for us to have a relationship with Him.  First, He comes to us as a great and powerful being separate from us.  We worship this presence of authority through our humility and devotion.  In this way He offers us structure and form.  Humans need this in their lives.  We honor His place in our lives through the surrender of our ego and spirit to Him.  This form and structure of worship finds expression through prayer.”  

Grandfather continued, “The Great Holy Spirit of God comes to us also through the slowing of our restless minds and thus the opening of our hearts.  It is through this process we discover the tender Heavenly love of our hearts. We discover and embrace this love through meditation.  This Heavenly love is much more than an emotion.  We tap into the love God has for us when we slow the rapid pace of our thoughts.  God wants us to feel His love and this is what we feel when we meditate.  This is what you connected to when Cha had run away.  She returned because you joined your vision and desire of Cha returning home to the ever-flowing love of God living within your heart.  God’s love is an active force.  When we direct this timeless love of God found in meditaion with the act of prayer that includes the mind’s wisdom of vision and belief, we can move mountains, we can conquer armies, and we can raise mighty Grandsons.”

Grandfather turned to look at Gremha with the boldest of smiles.

Gremha, deep in thought, missed Grandfather’s wit and smile as he asked, “What then is the third specific way that God reaches us in relationship?”

Grandfather understanding the seriousness of Gremha’s question responded, “It is in the beauty and harmony of nature.  He has given us this land, this sky, this water, and all the living beings of life so that we may have rule of this kingdom as He rules over Heaven.  This is our greatest responsibility to Him.  He expects that through His relationship with us, we will rule this world in the same manner that He rules His universe.  This responsibility is ours alone. 

Grandfather paused, then continued, “It is through this one vital act of leadership that we discover true and lasting meaning in God’s Kingdom.  I have learned to embrace its value through the silence and stillness within my being.  By doing so, I learn of His Will through Grace.  It is an act of forgiveness; His Loving Forgiveness of me and in turn my loving forgiveness given toward all of this world as I surrender to His Will and Grace.  As I choose to forgive all, I humble my individual spirit.  We must be humble of spirit to find God.  As we find His love through the slowing of our minds in meditation, we find Grace by humbling our will though the action of forgiveness.  This allows the prayers we then express to have impact in this world.  We are an arm of the Great Holy Spirit of God.  This you will understand in full upon the introduction of the Wisdom Prayer at the completion of our evening meditation with Jian.”

Grandfather timed his response to Gremha’s question perfectly, as they were now approaching the large barn that Tay and Cha called home. 

Upon entering the barn, they each began the feeding and watering of their beloved animals in the quiet of silence.






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