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….. Gremha was realizing also; the years of his boyhood would soon be coming to an end.

Seeds from Heaven

The next morning Grandfather and Gremha began their efforts to prepare their home.  They fished until noon from the massive river close by.  They cleared the brush and growth from the soil along the hillside of the mountain slope to the north of the river in the afternoon.  By now the sun was getting old in the sky as it began to display its colorful hues while brushing the western mountain peaks.  Gremha then asked, as they had spoken very little during their morning activities, “Grandfather, why are we catching so many fish this morning and why are we clearing the earth along this mountain slope?” 

Grandfather appeared to have a plan, but shared little until he answered by saying, “Gremha, do you recall your last visit with Gavi before we began our trip home?”  Without giving Gremha time to respond Grandfather said, “Well, if you recall she was not at the ocean shore when you expected to meet her that morning.  She had visited me at our camp before she arrived at the ocean to meditate with you.  The reason for this was to inform me of the beverage she had brewed in the sand and the two of you drank while meditating.  This beverage was made from a magical wild bitter herb.  When heated, as was when you drank its broth, it had a somewhat pleasant yet mildly bitter flavor if you recall.  This brewed herb when heated was called “Tu” by Gavi.  She gave me a basket of its seeds with the instruction to plant them along the slope of a mountainside facing the southern sky when we returned from our journey home.  Her instruction further said to plant a fish with a small hand full of seed every two steps in the soil.  She continued to emphasize that we complete this planting before the spring rains.  She told me that the seeds will grow quickly in the soil when planted this way.  We must further continue their growth process through the discipline of meditation and activity of prayer.  The entire area of land that we plant this growing season must be dedicated to this magical seed.  It was not only necessary to plant in this way, but our silence, our thoughts and our prayers must be committed to and dedicated to this growing season.  The fish will act as fertilizer along with our mental image of the completed plant through meditation and prayer.  As we will picture to full growth in our mind, the reality of growth will speed up to complete this process.  To add further to this, we should surrender our potent Spirit filled breath to this process.”

Grandfather and Gremha spent the last few hours of daylight planting most of the fish they had caught in the morning along the hillside slopes of the mountain.  They placed each fish in a shallow bed approximately every two steps of Grandfathers long legs as Gavi had instructed.  They covered the fish lightly with soil to keep the nocturnal beasts of the forest from scavenging through the night.  They needed them to sit uncovered in the earth basking in the energies the moon overnight in preparation for the coming Tu seeds.

Gavi said nothing in response until both he and Grandfather were sitting in front of the evening fire after completing their meal of the remaining freshly caught fish from earlier in the day. Gremha said while finishing his last bite, “Grandfather, with much respect I ask you what this process has to do with my training to prepare for my future …. ?”

Grandfather responded before Gremha could finish, “Your training has begun today in the work necessary to prepare the soil.  The training of your mind will be similar to the preparation of the soil to plant these seeds.  No warrior’s mind is prepared for battle until they undertake a complete season of training.  Until then, they have a mind cluttered by the thoughts developed in the prior months of idle living.  It is the same with you Gremha.  You have had a wonderfully loving youth.  Your 13 years of life have been spent in play and in a life of love that I have supported.  You have learned of your heart and your environment and the laws of nature and how you respond to them.  You have learned of the animals of the fields and how they respond to you.  You have learned of the passing seasons and the rotation of the heavenly bodies in the night’s sky.  You have learned of the earth, the air, the water, and of fire.  You have learned of our love and the kindness that comes from giving and respecting all forms of life.”

After several minutes passed in order to allow Gremha time to process what had just be said, Grandfather continued,  “It is now time Gremha for you to learn of each of your minds that lie dormant and uncultivated within you.  This coming training will help you learn of the need for mental discipline.  Each of your minds is similar to many of the animals you have learned of and experienced in your youth.  They all display a wild tendency to do as they wish until fully trained.  You see this in our ox and our horse and all of the wild animals of the forest.  You will learn of the power contained within each different levels of your different minds for they each reflect the powers of the heavens in different ways.  You will learn of the power of silence and its potential for all of creation.  For the sake of your training though, we will just spend this evening absorbing the thoughts of Tu for it demands your full attention during the coming of the next several months.”  

“Let us prepare for bed now because we have many days of clearing the land and planting the seed ahead of us,” Grandfather said as they both were growing very tired from all of the day’s activities. 

Grandfather then said, “As the new moon will be upon us tomorrow, we will begin the planting.  We are also in a race against the coming spring rains.  We will be continuing the activities of today and more each and every day until all the seeds are planted,” Grandfather concluded as they both prepared for their evening slumber.

Once again, Gremha would go to sleep reviewing his life altering transition from childhood.  He also, started to appreciate the impact of silence in a way he had never experienced before.



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