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…..Grandfather’s burden of sadness was soon to end though as his grief had never dissipated.  It had always weighed heavily upon his heart.   

The Dawning of a New Day

As Gremha was attempting to fall asleep that same evening he kept picturing and reviewing his meeting with Gavi and discussion with Grandfather.  How amazing this day had been.  Gremha knew he was mature beyond his years, but how special it was to have had Grandfather chosen by God to raise him.  Grandfather always told him he had special parents as he was the only son and only child of the exiled Emperor.  He also knew of the special meaning being the grandson of a great general and outstanding battlefield warrior.  The village where they now live conveyed great respect to Grandfather knowing of his history.  Gremha realized how lucky he was to have been his grandson. He was so very grateful for the love, patience, and wisdom Grandfather expressed while raising him.  Gremha and Grandfather were honored by the loving devotion they both had to one another.

…and then to have an Angel of the Lord from legendary fables be real and take a personal interest in him!  It all felt like a momentous dream to Gremha.  He had heard stories of Angels coming to earth to interact with mortals, never imagining that it would happen to him.  One such story was of a beautiful goddess that came to earth each morning just before the sunrise.  She would come each morning from her home at the edge of the ocean.  Legend had it that she was sent by her father the Sun; sent each morning to prepare earth for the dawning of a new day.  It was said she would open the gates of heaven for the awakening of sunrise.  During this period of time she would take guidance and direction from her mother, the Moon.   At the coming of a new moon, her father and mother worked together for the understanding of new beginnings.  It was told that when one would wish to begin a new endeavor, it should begin with the blessing of a new moon when both the sun and the moon are in agreement as to the course of future actions.  Legend had it that mortals could find success when tasks would begin under the new moon.  Gremha however, thought this was an old story told only by children and old men while sitting around the campfire at night  He now knew there was truth to the story.

The next morning Grandfather barely said a word before Gremha left for the ocean.  The luminous moonlit morning cast its  shadows as it guided Gremha’s path toward the ocean shore.  The sound of the ocean waves rustled in the distance.  The fresh morning air blew directly upon Gremha’s young face.  The salt air rested faintly on his breath.  As Gremha came closer and closer to his arrival at the place he had previously found Gavi just the morning before, a sweat began to form on his forehead.  Even though the salty breeze was cool this morning, Gremha’s nervousness was apparent even to himself.

“I am about to meet with an Angel of God!” Gremha exclaimed to the ocean’s wind.  “That explains how she could be so breathtakingly beautiful,” he concluded to himself.

The ocean was rough and intense that morning.  The waves were aggressively pounding the shore with a boldness and force unmistakably originating from far out to sea.  Gremha always thought of the ocean as a mysterious and emotional living presence.  He was dealing with an angry ocean this morning, but he was soon to be encountering a remarkable heavenly goddess with peaceful yet powerful qualities.  It was as if the shadowy full moon, the angry ocean, and Gavi were each characters from a fictional story Gremha had once read about.  It was like Gremha was one of the fictional figures within a playful camp fire legend.

The sunrise was approaching from out of the future, but Gremha could not see Gavi anywhere along the shore.  As he soon arrived at the place in the sand he had encountered Gavi the previous morning, he took a seat and began to meditate in much the same manner that Gavi had instructed him previously.  As Gremha sat with palms placed upward, he closed his eyes and followed his breath.  It appeared the ocean’s waves were unhappy with his arrival.  Their roar seemed much louder than he had ever heard before.  The salty wind blew aggressively upon his face.  It was as if his hair was now an invader’s flag blowing majestically in a furious battle.  Gremha did not deter though from Gavi’s earlier instruction of the day before.  He faithfully continued to follow his breath as he waited for the beautiful goddess Gavi to arrive. 

Moments turned in long drawn out minutes.

Just as Gremha was about to open his eyes, the strong hold of the morning wind began to die. The aggressive voice of the ocean’s waves began to diminish.  The waking gulls overhead began to announce the coming sunrise . 

“Good Morning Gremha,” a soft angelic voice said as it seamed to float on the remaining currents of the ocean breeze.

Gremha slowly opened his eyes to see the outline of Gavi sitting in front of him slightly to his left while looking far out to sea.

“Please continue your meditation Gremha,” said Gavi.

Time passed.

Gavi broke the continuous soothing silence by asking, “Gremha, please take this beverage and sip it slowly with me.”

As Gremha reached out to take the warm steamy cup he could see the same metal pot sitting on the fireless burning embers of yesterday.  With each sip of the warm tasteful brew, Gremha could feel himself floating deeper into his meditation.  He seemed to be swaying to the changing sound of the now gently pulsating ocean waves.  His conscious awareness now cloaked in joy, ebbed back and forth upon his slowing peaceful breath.

After another period of time passed Gavi broke the soothing silence.  “Gremha?” Gavi asked in a lovingly sincere voice.

Before Gremha could respond, he sensed the direction of his future was about to change.


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