The Day I Met Gavi

I discovered Gavi by accident actually, or so I thought.  Grandfather and I had visited the villages along the shore of the Great Ocean soon after my 13 birthday.  Early one morning before the sun had risen I decided to take a walk along the sandybeach and watch the morning sun rise.  That is where I met Gavi for the first time.  She was an extremely beautiful woman.  This first encounter of her on the beach of the ocean is one that has been deeply etched in my memory throughout my entire life.  I remember it vividly as it was close to the dawn of a cloudless morning owned by a brilliant full moon.  As Grandfather would tell me, I was born under a new moon.  I would later come to understand its significance after meeting Gavi under the gaze of a full moon.

On this particular morning, the moon cast its gaze upon the ocean waves as if it possessed them with its crystal, shimmering reflection.  The gentle rhythmic waves teasing the sand filled shore still echo in my mind. The powerful moon’s rays intensified the ocean’s waves as they reflected with each shimmering crest.  These memories of this morning at the beach were of no comparison to the attention demanded when my young eyes discovered Gavi for the first time.  The brilliant moon lost ownership of this sublime morning when Gavi came into my vision.  My full attention was arrested by her magnetic brilliance.  She was as breathtaking as an awakening morning sunrise after a strong spring rain.  My initial observation of her was as she was sitting in the sand in what appeared to be a calm, meditative pose while facing the vast ocean’s expanse.  Her eyes were closed containing a calm dignified serenity.  This illustrious beauty appeared to be older than me, but her beauty was so rare and her aura so transcendent that she appeared timeless.  The feeling of the cool dampness of the sand upon the soles of my feet failed to distract my attention from this inspiring and heavenly presence as I approached in her direction.  The sound of the morning gulls flying overhead announced my approach as this breathtaking soul opened her eyes.  She did not alter her facial direction however, as she continued to face the mysterious wonders held far out to sea. I could see the setting moon beams reflecting off the velvety depth of her lovely thick long hair.  As the moon seamed to be running from the approaching coming of morning’s dawn, its brilliant rays were glistening off of what I could see of Gavi’s translucent, amber skin.  It appeared she was barely breathing.  I felt a magic in the air. 

So that I did not disturb her any further, I abruptly stopped my approach and took a seat about 20 feet from the spot she was sitting.

I sat, but to my surprise, heard a soft, yet commanding voice say, “Please sit closer Gremha.”


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