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….. He then opened his eyes knowing that Gavi would be gone as the commanding morning sun had taken her away.

The Measure of One’s Courage

“The measure of one’s courage can be found in the depths of their compassion”, said Grandfather to Gremha as they arrived home from their magical yet sorrow filled journey to the ocean.  It had taken several weeks to return as their home was located at the southern slope of the Tibetian Plateau.  As they were traveling during the dry cold season prior to the coming spring rains, their journey was long yet pleasant.  Most importantly, it was dry.

Gremha then responded in a bit of boyish inpatient exhaustion, “How could courage have anything to do with compassion and why would you be saying that upon our return home.”  Gremha was overwhelmed by not only the journey home, but much of what he had experienced at the ocean shore.  He was not yet ready to lose Grandfather either.  He said little on their trip back home.

Grandfather calmly replied, “Well, Gremha, our journey to the ocean, having met Gavi, and our return are all just the beginning of a quest that will require great courage from you.  My responsibility during the remaining time I have with you in this world is to prepare you for this quest.  Yes, you will have Gavi aiding in your future development, but my task as your grandfather is not yet complete.”

Gremha just stared at Grandfather as he always had whenever their was an unfolding of new information that puzzled Gremha.  Gremha was worn out from the trip home as well shaken by all that he had to absorb and process.  He was realizing that his life was about to be changing drastically.

“It is through the cultivation of compassion, that I as a warrior and General in your father’s kingdom learned how to grow great courage.”  Grandfather said.  “This compassionate courage sprung from the seeds of a determined spirit.  It was during those times of insurmountable odds against me in battle, that I was able to maintain the faith and poise which would enable my success in battle.  Many times, only through sheer strength of will and determined courage were we able to overcome the enemy against us.  Much of my success in the leadership of our great armies was due to the example I would display to my men.  They reflected this same depth of courage by having confidence in me.  They learned to grow accustom to the expectation of positive outcomes in battle.  Their fierce fighting skill also reflected this.  This great courage Gremha, can only be grown through the will necessary to have a single minded focus.  This willful and relentless focus to train and prepare and to grow one’s compassion is the secret Gremha.  Courage is single minded while compassion allows one to see the all encompassing greater picture of time and events.  Courage involves passion.  Compassion involves the loving Spirit of Grace.  My warriors not only saw my courage in battle, they experienced my compassion for them.  They saw and experienced the full panorama of the Spirit of life that flowed through them.  This balance of courage and compassion was directed into the way we treated our enemies after battle also.  I had great respect for all life and the demands this world places on all beings.  And, I might say that we went into battle only upon last resort.  So whether the task was to fight great battles against great opponents or to nurture the everyday needs of my men as well as enemies, I knew that I needed to be a great leader of humble and responsible means.   It is through cultivating a meditation practice that this can be done for you Gavi.  You will have great demands and responsibilities in your life also.  They won’t necessarily be similar to mine.  That is where Gavi will be instructional to and for you.”

Grandfather continued,  “Your meeting with Gavi as well our travels were not by accident as you know.  The last several weeks of our journey home were focused on completing our travel successfully.  This trip home was undertaken in great silence as I knew you had much to process, but now that we have arrived the preparation is soon to begin.  Always remember Gremha, you were born with many blessings as well as great responsibilities.””

“We have just a few weeks remaining prior to the spring rains.”, Grandfather said while looking over the slopes of the beautiful lush vegetation of their hillside home.  “Our job during that time will be to prepare for your training.  It will be a training not unlike that of the training my armies would undertake before battle.  There will be a major difference though.  You Gremha, will conduct this training not with a sword or spear.  Your weapon of choice will be compassion.  Your training method will be meditation.  Your training arena will be prayer.”

Grandfather then said, “Gremha, let us get unpacked and acclimate ourselves to our home once again as we have been gone for so long there is much to do.  We must replenish our water supply from the river first. Tomorrow will be spent fishing and preparing our garden for the new spring planting.”

As this was taking place Gremha realized he was about to embark upon the true becoming of the actual meaning of his name.  As Grandfather had always explained to him that Gremha meant, “Compassionate Warrior”.   He now understood further the few words expressed by Grandfather during the return home in the prior weeks of the journey.  Grandfather had explained that in order to sustain our mortal life in a healthy and balanced manner it was necessary to satisfy and please the Creator through humility, acceptance, and surrender.  In order to accomplish this, he spoke to the fact that much time and work was needed to explore one’s inner being.  That in doing so, eventually there would occur a significant breakthrough and a discovery between the connection of a personalized soul and the Great Spirit which permeates and connects all that exists.  This could be accomplished only if one embarked upon a path of regulated efforts and disciplines.

Gremha found a similarity in Grandfathers words to those of Gavi’s at their last meeting at the ocean too.  Grandfather was now however, identifying the work necessary to enable Gavi’s vision to become reality.  Grandfather had always emphasized that in order to undertake great missions, there must always be great preparation.

Gremha was realizing also; the years of his boyhood would soon be coming to an end.

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