“….. where souls collide like rivers from afar.”


February 5, 2020

Upon completion of morning meditation and prayer, I was inspired by the thought that these troubling times in America can be best described as “souls colliding like rivers from afar”. They are fueled by the heavy winds of passionate thought and action.  Many of these factions are convinced they own the right purpose to justify their passion. We have seen similar states of opposing “rivers” play out through mankind’s history. They seem to have purposes fueled by the passionate thought of different outcomes.  While exploring and examining this sense of “collision”, I identified the hopeful proposition that all friction as well as all conflict many times avails the opportunity for the transformation of old worn out patterns.  An evolution takes place. This evolution and transformation can be likened to the goal of “Mindful Meditation”. 


Mindful Meditation

Mindful meditation does not have the goal of obtaining a certain outcome or desire, its purpose is to remove obstacles. It too, can be practiced by all religious faiths as it softens the heart and enhances the prayer.  It’s purpose is to dissolve the negative energies of consciousness.  This then further dissolves the limiting and confining aspects of our soul’s negative karma.  It naturally works to remove the constrictions of our mind and balance the ensuing negative thoughts and emotions that cling to them.  Mindful meditation has the purpose of just, “letting go”; averting the looming destiny of this collision.  As in nature, collisions of opposing or conflicting forces can be very destructive.  These collisions are always transformative, however.  Nature also allows for peaceful transitions of opposing forces.  Mindful meditation, when practiced regularly, can bring about the peaceful transformation of negative energies both within and without.  

Through continuous efforts at mindful meditation our constrictive negative thinking and its negative passionate states of mind are softened and many times removed.  As this occurs, positive and constructive states of mind along with the ensuing positive feelings of joy become our natural states.  We then approach negative situations with positive mindsets thus dissolving the negative or at least softening the negative outcome of future developments.  The outcome may not be what we had originally hoped for, but with all souls involved, it may be the best in moving forward into a positive and hopeful future.  This transformation brings about a positive change and evolution rather than the negativity of a “collision” that was at first expressed.  Approaching conflict is then much more than an attitude of “preparing for the worst while hoping for the best”.  We now begin to have confidence in the hope of positive future outcomes while in our preparation.  We embrace the confidence of “intuitive knowing”.  A sense of joy and peace permeates our activities.  We inject a sense of calm in all we do.



We can call this peaceful process and outcome, balance.  We begin to approach the negative aspects encountered through life with an empathetic heart and resultant compassionate mental approach.  Our spirit is lifted.  This positive spirit can become infectious.

In moments of calm and reflection, the opposing rivers begin to see how a compassionate spirit is injected into the “collision”.  We begin to understand the “why” to many of our questions.  The once scattered disassociated dots start to find connection.

We then play our part in this spirit of transformation and necessary evolution to the many negative energies brought to the conflict.  Whenever conflicts or “collisions” occur in the future, we can do everything possible to find balance. This balance will harmonize all energies involved for a better outcome.  All souls will leave better having seen the example of what meditation and mindful action can do.  It works to better our efforts toward success for all involved.  It can be a rough beginning, but anything that is worthwhile can many times be difficult at the start.  We won’t always have the answers to begin with. Through our practice and the breakdown of old worn out patterns, we move forward with the momentum toward successful outcomes.

Ultimately, our spirit as well as our soul grows in this awakening.  This awakening takes place on the other side of our mental and conceptual transformation.  The door through many barriers opens.  The morning sky shines bright after the storm with little, if any destruction in its wake.  A new day is at hand having survived the “collision” of forces. We are now better able to approach the future dawning of new events and circumstances.


Our Ultimate Goal

Our ultimate goal is to be a blessing to all that cross our path through service.

This is why, at Tamurai Tea, we not only sell quality tea and those properties that work to curb excess inflammation of the body, we offer insight into and through meditation techniques, both mindful as well as contemplative.  In this way, we can play our part in curbing the excess inflammation that comes from the colliding “rivers from afar”.  Our body, minds, and hearts are uplifted as we interact in an environment that at times can be one of excess and imbalanced negativity.

Tom Lalevich, Tamurai Tea




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