“Prayer and love are learned in the hour when prayer has become impossible and your heart has turned to stone. If you have never had any distractions you don’t know how to pray. For the secret of prayer is a hunger for God and for the vision of God, a hunger that lies far deeper than the level of language or affection.”    Thomas Merton

Prayer gives us hope.  Whereas meditation unfolds the wings contained deep within the heart, prayers unlocks the cocoon to inspire flight.  We silently listen and quietly observe through meditation.  Prayer helps us find lasting value and soulful embrace

It is our belief that prayer is the manner with which we each speak to God.  It is a means to have dialogue with that which we consider having greater power and influence over our lives.  While meditation is how we can clear our minds and open our hearts to the inner voice dwelling deep within, prayer holds the participants ability to will his spirit in a way that speaks to the forces of life we call God.  It is through the direction of this personal free will that we undertake and make the effort to pray. 

 Many of those throughout history have undertaken efforts to pray only to be dismayed at the lack of response, affect, or change in life circumstances.  They are told that when prayer is left unanswered it is not due to a lack of the confirmation that God or a greater power exists, but that circumstances within the individuals life need to be altered such as sin or karma.  Therefore, we propose that response to prayer is not of great importance in the immediate moment of prayer.  It is first significant that we find the courage to begin prayer.

We look at prayer as the other half of a coin containing meditation on the flip side.  The victory held and contained in prayer as well as meditation can be found in the effort to implement; that is the effort of directing ones free will toward answers to life’s questions outside of the realm of the laws and science of this world.  Just as we can not measure the depth of ones love, we can not measure the importance or value of prayer.  The farmer does not understand the workings of the seed and its DNA structure.  He only relies upon his faith in understanding that through the planting of the seed, he can sustain the physical lives of himself and his loved ones.

             “There is a voice that doesn’t use words.”   Rumi

It is in the faith the farmer has in a single seed, that we encourage the practice of prayer just as that of meditation.  The farmer understands that the seed will not bear fruit in a single day.  It is through the continual efforts which the farmer directs in the sustaining of the plant’s growth in which fruit is rewarded.  It is with this faith of things unknown that the farmer relies.

We each need to refrain from looking for immediate results or responses to our efforts in prayer.  In this attempt for immediate results we are truly deaf to the language of the heart, the dialogue of the soul.  We must understand that we cannot only listen with our ears.  We need to hear and trust in the silent words of faith.   We need to have the faith of the farmer to rely on his daily and consistent efforts.  It is through consistency of practice we must rely. 

Thus through the continued efforts to express our will through prayer do we find the unfolding of the great majesty of life.  There is far more available to us in this world than meets the eye.  Take the time to sit quietly and discover the beauty and magic within.  To do this, we must first quiet the mind and open the heart.  Listen to the voice of the heart. It speaks in a very different language, a language that cannot be heard with the ears, but only with the heart.  This is the language of God.  God listens to our hearts and that which emanates from it.  With an open heart we become like the farmer with his seeds.  The mystery of life then travels from our heart and into our prayer.  Our prayers then take flight and our journey  through life now just begins.  We discover that we have never been alone.  We discover that we have always been loved.  We become aware of the beauty and magic of God and how our spirit has always been one with His Spirit. If we would only be persistent in letting go and finding the trust held in hope. Silently listen and quietly observe the lasting value waiting deep within the wings of the heart.  Hope then fulfills its unspoken promise through God’s loving embrace.

“Our prayers may be awkward. Our attempts may be feeble. But since the power of prayer is in the one who hears it and not in the one who says it, our prayers do make a difference.” 

– Max Lucado  .


With Lifted Hands by Ryan Stevenson

With Lifted Hands by Ryan Stevenson

With Lifted Hands

I have tasted
All that this world has to offer
The here and gone that leaves you wanting more
But can’t satisfy Father, forgive me for taking so long to see
That You’re all I need With every heartbeat in my chest
Lord, I surrender all that I have
The days yet to come, the days in the past
I’m giving You all I am
With lifted hands, with lifted hands You show me mercy
When I’ve done nothing to deserve it
You see the best in me beneath the dust
Because that’s how You love, that’s how You love You rush through my veins
I’m wrecked and I’m changed and
My soul will sing With every heartbeat in my chest
Lord, I surrender all that I have
The days yet to come, the days in the past
I’m giving You all I am
With lifted hands, with lifted hands, Heaven or grave
There is no place
I can go to escape
Your love, no-no
Heaven or grave
There is no place
I can go to escape
Your love! So with every heartbeat in my chest
Lord, I surrender all that I have
The days yet to come and the days in the past
I’m giving You all, all that I am …

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Sit In Peace by Stefanie Harvey

Sit in peace. Sit in the quiet of the moment. For when you give the moment time, answers begin to surface. Ego has the opinion, while the soul holds truth. In order to hear truth, one must sit long enough to quiet ego, to allow the soul to speak. 
We are in the time where patience and peace are rare. We are asked to sit within the silence of the soul, begin to listen and take action on the messages our soul gives us. Today, my soul gives the message to flow with the opportunities and experiences that will be coming and going.  May peace sit within your heart and truth be uncovered. Blessings.” 

Stefanie Harvey – Certified Health Coach

Contact Stefanie through Facebook or Instagram @ The Life Renewed. 

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Welcome Stefanie, Certified Health Coach

Stefanie is a Certified Health Coach through IIN and a chiropractic assistant at Dekalb Chiropractic Center, specializing in Chiropractic Bio Physics and Tissue Regenerative Technology.  Married to her best friend and raising two beautiful daughters, she has taken on the journey of becoming her most authentic self.  Through the knowledge she has acquired from IIN and the chiropractic atmosphere, she has healed herself both physically and emotionally.  With the desire to help others, she has welcomed the gift of service; guiding and inspiring others on their journey to living a thriving life.  As a channel, she shares messages from her guides and creator.


Meditation Prayer

“Step into the being that which you are. The original version of you.
At a soul level, you are light – existing in all, connected to all.
Breathe in peace. 
Surrender and begin to trust.
Learn to love yourself…..for how you love yourself determines the strength of your relationships. 
Go forth today in peace and, when needed…..take a breath.”


You can contact Stefanie through Facebook or Instagram @ The Life Renewed. 





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