A couple of weeks ago I got some feedback from a customer that really made me smile and I just have to share it with you because it just goes to show how important our brand new Blood Sugar DNA Report is!

Julia emailed just to let us know how grateful she was, as she’d struggled to lower her blood sugar through her diet for years. But after reading an article on blood sugar on SelfHacked and deciding to give SelfDecode a go, she finally had it under control.

She said she worked hard to optimize two of her genes, but that one fix in particular had been particularly helpful in the end. The two problem genes were…

The FTO gene

The FTO gene, known for its role in body weight control, is active in the liver and affects blood sugar metabolism. Julia had an over-functioning FTO gene which promotes insulin resistance. When your body is resistant to insulin, your blood sugar levels go up.

The GCKR gene

GCKR codes for the glucokinase regulator, a protein involved in the prevention of low blood sugar levels. Julia’s variant of GCKR is associated with elevated blood sugar levels because of the increased activity of the glucokinase regulator. It’s as if the glucokinase regulator tries too hard to prevent low blood sugar and instead causes elevated sugar levels!

The fix: Green Tea

Julia said she had started drinking two cups of green tea per day to try and combat these genes and the effects had been great, her blood sugar was finally comfortably in the normal range.

Green tea’s active compound EGCG both reduces the expression of FTO in fat cells and decreases the production of the glucokinase blocker, lowering blood sugar by targeting the negative effects of both of these genes.

The take-home

Sometimes all we need is a simple fix. For some people like Julia, drinking green tea will work and for others it wont. This all depends on how your own body works. Our fixes are personal to you, because we’re all different!

That’s why we created the Blood Sugar DNA Report. This report analyzes 26 genes (like the FTO and GCKR genes) related to blood sugar levels and provides you with personalized diet, supplement and lifestyle recommendations to help combat the negative effects from your genes (like Julia’s green tea!)
Find your own fixes today by signing up for SelfDecode and downloading the new blood sugar report!

You can get your genes tested for the first time with our highly secure DNA kit or upload an existing file and we will analyze it instantly to provide you with your results.
Speak soon,
Joe and the SelfDecode Team
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