Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Willian and Schellenberger Pyramid of Learning

Brain Harmony Calm Approach Pyramid of Learning


The science of neuroplasticity is the reason our protocols work.

The science of neuroplasticity, the understanding the brain is able to change in response to stimulation, is widely accepted and it is behind everything we do.  We know we can improve brain organization and function in people of all ages because the brain grows, changes, and creates new pathways in response to stimulation and input from the environment. We understand a repeated, simultaneous, multisensory approach works for most people and it will work for you and your family. No different than building body strength and endurance with repetitive and specific physical exercise, we are able to build those neurological pathways and increase synaptic activity at any age.

Your Brain Harmony program is as unique as you are and designed to provide you; no matter your age or diagnosis, the correct path to optimal brain function. We work with you to remove barriers to brain health and to promote brain harmony.

Achieving C.A.L.M. through Frequency, Duration and Intensity

At Brain Harmony, we’ve adapted the traditional pyramid of learning to create a system called CALM™ – a revolutionary bottom-up approach designed based on how the brain needs to develop to reach cognitive balance. The CALM™ method mimics how people actually learn by taking all concurrent cognitive angles into consideration. While most protocols aim to address one piece of the pyramid at a time, our unified, bottom-up approach generates a framework through which a higher executive function may be reached. Through 1:1 sessions and support, we are able to define an individualized protocol for each of our patients’ unique needs.



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