Stefanie is a Certified Health Coach through IIN and a chiropractic assistant at Dekalb Chiropractic Center, specializing in Chiropractic Bio Physics and Tissue Regenerative Technology.  Married to her best friend and raising two beautiful daughters, she has taken on the journey of becoming her most authentic self.  Through the knowledge she has acquired from IIN and the chiropractic atmosphere, she has healed herself both physically and emotionally.  With the desire to help others, she has welcomed the gift of service; guiding and inspiring others on their journey to living a thriving life.  As a channel, she shares messages from her guides and creator.


Meditation Prayer

“Step into the being that which you are. The original version of you.
At a soul level, you are light – existing in all, connected to all.
Breathe in peace. 
Surrender and begin to trust.
Learn to love yourself…..for how you love yourself determines the strength of your relationships. 
Go forth today in peace and, when needed…..take a breath.”


You can contact Stefanie through Facebook or Instagram @ The Life Renewed. 





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