Robert Louis Stevenson once said, ‘So long as we love, we serve”.

We believe that contained within the art of tea tastings we find balance.  Within this art we slow our breath and embrace this present moment.  It holds the coming together of the past and the future of time itself.  Time and space become one.  We learn of relationship.  We develop connection through the fullness of our own singularity.  We learn about the relationship of ourselves to the many facets of life.  Contained in the practice of meditation and prayer we learn of our inner world.   While we taste the warming beverage of tea we blend the opposites of life.  We balance these opposites through the focus of our senses.  We utilize our breath to connect to the aromas expressed in the tea.   We spearhead our attention in the harmonies of the color, aromas, and then the flavors of tea.  We discover the intent of those that planted, nurtured, and harvested the tea.  We taste the mastery of the blender through their vision.   We explore the synergy of herbs, teas and the outcomes.  We maximize the potential of relationship, that to our inner core, our soul, and then to others.

While we slow our attention to the magic held within the flavors of our tea we also slow our scope of thought.  We reduce the scope of life to a small slice of time.  The regrets of the past and the fears of the future silently funnel into the beauty of this present moment.  The subsequent slowing of our breath slows the pace of our mind.  Day and night, light and darkness cease to be separate.  The yin and yang of life find contentment in the beautiful integration of the tea’s aromas, flavors and colors.  The umami of life itself unfolds through the many flavors of the tea.  We now create new perspectives. The material and spiritual find balance.  The separation of the head and the heart are no more. Heaven and earth become one.  Our process of breath through the inhalation and the exhalation are one complete unifying process. The space between breaths takes upon a life of its own.  The zero point on a number line lives and is now packed with meaning and purpose. We find value and fullness in the dimension held within this emptiness.  Love, as a seedling breaks through the top soil of a yearning heart.

We understand the whole through its parts; its opposites and contradictions.  We now embrace all the divisiveness life has to offer.  We comprehend. Through this comprehension we find peace.  We discover contentment.  We become aware how light contains the fullness of its color spectrum.  We learn how through its absence springs darkness.  Through the absence of sound, we discover the potential of silence. Thus, in the absence of light we find darkness hovering with possibilities.  We begin to feel the dawn of compassion. We observe it unfold its form and wonder through its beautifully inspiring structure.

We call this method of tea consumption, the American Tea Ceremony.  The wonders of the American Spirit and its many contradictions find its fullness through it opposites and contradictions.  The varied aspects of sound and the multitudes of blending light are but a reflection and reverberation of America itself.  Through this artform of a tea ceremony we honor these divisions.  We embrace them and find joy and harmony within them for this is America.  It is similar to the complexities we discover within ourselves.  We open the heart to display this same rainbow of diversity and precision. Through its apparent contradictions there is a magic and a splendor of beautiful precision.

In the slow pace of tea consumption, we hear for the first time.  We cease to be deaf.  We listen to the sounds of the universe within.  We observe for the first time.  The light within takes shape.  We begin to hear and listen to the fulcrum of life within the center of our conscious awareness.  We find the purity of the observer.  We now are aware of the inner meaning and purpose of our existence. The opposites contained within the whole find balance.  We bring harmony to our outer world because we have now discovered it within our inner world.  Our lives are now a reflection of what shines forth from our inner spirit.  We balance the opposites of meditation and prayer as well the balancing poles of health and well-being.   The mystery of tasting tea now becomes alive with possibilities.  Our journey now makes sense.  Our discoveries now have value and meaning. Through the singularity of our inner connections, we now enjoy the completeness of relationship.

In prayer we speak to God.  In meditation we listen for His response.  In tea we embrace the wonder and beauty of that dialogue.

Robert Louis Stevenson once said, ‘So long as we love, we serve”. 

In our attempt to serve you, we would like to encourage tea consumption.  As we have come to understand its many benefits to both health and well-being, we hope to assist you in the process of finding balance through tea.  For this reason, we will be conducting tea tastings throughout the United States so that we may attempt to build relationships from within and without.     


Tamurai Tea Tastings

  Until restricted travel is lifted in the state of Indiana, the Office/Warehouse will be closed to traffic.  Tastings will resume when we have notification to do so.  We will however, make all products available with local delivery within Allen county.  Just place...

Saturday Tasting Changes

Saturday Tasting Changes

Saturday Tastings will now be held at the Tamurai Tea warehouse/office beginning today from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm. This change is due to the Fort Wayne Board of Health requesting all tastings at the Ft. Wayne Farmer's Market be discontinued until further notice due to...

Free Tasting – Fort Wayne’s Farmers Market

Free Tasting – Fort Wayne’s Farmers Market

Saturday – March 14th Parkview Field 9:00 am to 1:00 pm Join Amanda as she unveils the new Humble Grumble - Black!  in both hot tea and kombucha. Very Earthy!            

Free Tasting Saturday – Feb. 22

Tasting Saturday - Fort Wayne's Farmers Market Parkview Field 9:00 am to 1:00 pm Join Amanda and sample Fort Wayne's Humble Grumble, in both hot tea and kombucha.

Free Tasting – Saturday – Feb. 15th

Free Tasting Saturday – Fort Wayne’s Farmers Market Parkview Field 9:00 am to 1:00 pm Join us and sample Fort Wayne’s Humble Grumble, in both hot tea and kombucha.

Tasting – Sat. – February 8th

Tasting Saturday - Fort Wayne's Farmers Market Parkview Field 9:00 am to 1:00 pm Join Amanda and sample Fort Wayne's Humble Grumble, in both hot tea and kombucha.  

Free Tasting – This Sat. Jan. 25th

Join us this Sat. - Jan. 25th at the Fort Wayne Farmer’s Market, at Parkview Field, 9 am to 1 pm. We will be sampling and selling the Humble Grumble Tea, …..as well as Divine Living Kombucha!  This week’s kombucha flavor will be Rishi Organic Caffeine Free Tangerine...

Free Tasting – Saturday, January 11th – Parkview Field

Happy New Year! from all of us at Tamurai Tea   Join us this Sat. at the Fort Wayne Farmer's Market, at Parkview Field, 9 am to 1 pm. Amanda will be sampling and selling the Humble Grumble Tea, .....as well as Divine Living Kombucha!  This week's kombucha flavor...

China Tariffs and Price Increases

Price Increases Tariffs have now begun affecting the Rishi Tea bulk pricing structure.  These tariffs began impacting Rishi Tea imports in September and out of a courtesy to you, they have covered all of the extra costs of the tariffs thus far.  We ask your patience...