Samurai means “to serve.”

Tamurai means “to serve through tea.”


We begin with the selection and consumption of high quality tea. Through the consumption of tea, we make the connection to the earth and the sun. As our astronauts and NASA researchers continue to learn, only the connection to our earth, our atmospherically filtered sunlight, and that which they produce can sustain life as we know it.   Through this connection and creation, our mind, body, and soul are supplied with a cascade of life sustaining nutrients and antioxidants. Certain combinations of these nutrients are found only in the various teas created by our wonderful planet. The teas we support and supply are organic due to the fact tea is one of the few consumable products which makes its way directly from field to cup without any cleaning or washing. If a tea plant or tea field is sprayed with toxic harmful chemicals or fertilizers, they are consumed with the tea.  An additional consideration is that when consuming the highest quality of tea: the first growth, the earliest picking; the highest concentration of nutrients are consumed.  Older tea leaves are found to be out of balance, with higher concentrations of minerals that may be harmful to our health.

Nature designs tea to be consumed at a slower pace, so we encourage tea to explore the internal universe within each of us. As we unfold the discoveries within, we can then make the peaceful and harmonious connections with those we encounter in life. These connections whether individual or shared bring much satisfaction and joy. It is with this spirit of joy we thank you for sharing your journey of tea, spirit, and life. It is with great honor that we recommend and make available the products and services contained within.

 “I have three treasures, which I guard and keep.  The first is compassion.  The second is economy.  The third is humility.  From compassion comes courage.  From economy comes the means to be generous.  From humility comes responsible leadership.”  —Lao-Tse

Once we are on the journey of balance, we are then ready to seek the harmony of the “me/we” relationship that allows the healing of our world and those of its inhabitants.  We learn of how we connect and influence community.  We learn and share the vibrations that are so subtle, but yet so powerful.  These vibrations can only be felt with the heart and measured by the health and harmony of our internal and external environments.

We begin our quest with tea, share it through meditation & prayer, and grow it through our understanding and developing awareness as keys to unlock the secrets within.  Meditation & prayer unfolds Lao Tse’s compassionate courage, tea flowers the economy of generosity, and our growing humility through understanding allows us to lead others by example.


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Tea & Health by Rishi Tea & Botanicals


At Rishi Tea & Botanicals we believe that a healthy life is a balanced life and although we are not doctors and do not make specific health claims, we recognize the wisdom of traditional uses and remedies of herbs, teas and botanicals. When you include tea and botanicals in your diet it can increase a sense of wellness that creates positive self-care habits and rituals that will promote a healthy and balanced life.

For many centuries and through countless cultures, tea has been recognized as a healthful beverage for the mind, body, and soul. In today’s society, artificial beverages have become pervasive, and we believe tea offers the perfect alternative because of its numerous health benefits. The composition of the Chinese character for tea (“cha”) reveals how we can explore a natural and healthy existence through this timeless drink. The character depicts three elements: ‘grass’ on the top, ‘human’ in the center, and ‘tree’ on the bottom. This character reveals the essence of tea and its connection to nature.  Japanese culture also recognizes this connection in Teasim. This was first explored by Okakura Kakuzo in his 1906 essay entitled, “The Book of Tea.”  茶 cha=tea grass + human + tree.

In the traditional tea cultures of East Asia, it is common knowledge that different varieties of Camellia sinensis (tea) offer unique energies and effects on the mind and body. With these traditions and their roots in “food as medicine” in mind, we will explore some of the health benefits of tea.

Artemisia – A Traditional Remedy for Fever and Flu


As early as 340 CE Artemisia was used as a traditional medicine to prevent malaria and treat influenza. To add credence to this this traditional use, Chinese scientists identified the active component as artemisinin, also called qinghaosu in the 1970’s. Today this compound is used in anti-malarial medicine worldwide.

What is Elderberry and What are its Benefits?


Elderberry is highly valued as a medicinal herb and food in many cultures. The plant grows as a small tree or shrub and produces flowers, followed by berries. The anthocyanidins in elderberries are thought to have immunomodulating effects and possibly anti-viral and anti-inflammatory effects.

Tea & Health – Antioxidants


Camellia Sinensis (the tea plant) contains antioxidants in the form of tea polyphenols and catechins. Some polyphenols and catechins are known to lower inflammation, reduce blood sugar and cholesterol as well as support arterial wall health. There have been some studies that suggest that some polyphenols slow the loss of bone density as well.

Tea & Health – Adaptogens


An adaptogen is an herb or plant which aids in the body’s resistance to stressors. Adaptogens are typically used to aid in relieving stress-induced fatigue, mental illness, and behavioral disorders.

Tea & Health – Nootropics


Colloquially, many accept that the term nootropic refers to a substance used to enhance memory or other cognitive functions, including facilitating learning in a healthy brain.

Tulsi – The Queen of Herbs


Tulsi is one of the cornerstones in Ayurvedic tradition. Ayurveda, translating from Sanskrit as “the Science of Life,” is a healing science originating in India over 5,000 years ago.

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